Anime update from the front lines

September 4, 2008

During my time off I got into a few really good anime’s, here are my top 3 picks.

Kekkaishi: A cliche story about a boy who is chosen to protect a mysterious area which is constantly under attack. Don’t be fooled… the story may seem a bit cliche but for some reason its stands out amongs the crowd.  The series is around 52 eps and continues with the Manga. More info…

Code Geass and Code Geass R2: Mind bending anime a bit to do with politics and a little bit of Mech fighting all arounf very good series also the seconds season R2 is wrapping up as you read this so I recommend checking this one out first. More info…

Gundam 00: Ah yes I know you remember the Gundam series I i know you’re telling yourself “im not going to watch another Gundam saga” but trust me this one is good, it is WAY more realistic than the rest of em Its so good that  a second season will be out soon. More info…

Check them out and let me know what you  guys think.



September 3, 2008

Inkdrop Darksiders

I havent played a video game in MONTHS, I haven’t really done a post in months either but when i saw this trailer it rang “POST WORTHY!”  so… in the great works of 1ndigo “Check It”

Trailer: Darksiders 

Watchmen Trailer

July 23, 2008

Watchmen trailer is available in Apple traileres. I’m not familiar with the novel. But this movie looks real nice. From the director of 300, the movie has a very stylized look and feel. With a song from Smashing Pumpkins.

Check it – Watchmen

Adobe Max 2008/2009 Conference

July 5, 2008

Adobe Max Conference

2Advanced, Big Spaceship & Blitz worked together to create an interactive experience for Adobe MAX Conference. Each agency was commissioned to create one area for the experience.

Check it
Adobe Max
2Advanced describes the experience – Plat4m

Diablo 3

June 28, 2008

Blizzard has announced Diablo 3 along with a few videos including a teaser trailer and a 20 minute game play feature. Take a look and leave some comments!

Diablo 3 Official site

20 minute game play feature

Adobe Interviews Joshua Davis

June 17, 2008

Joshua Davis

Adobe interviews Joshua Davis. In the video he explains how he created his artwork and the tools he uses.

Check it
Adobe: Joshua Davis

Wall-e Vignettes

June 15, 2008

Wall-E Vignettes

Pixar is one of my favorite Animation Companies. Every movie they do is entertaining and the animation is always top notch.

For their new movie, Wall-e, they have put together a couple of vignettes that puts our robot friend in funny situations.

Check it
Apple Trailers – Wall-e