Adobe CS4

September 23, 2008

The New Adobe Creative Suite is coming. Adobe had a live conference to premier their product.
I like the new package design. Ever since Adobe and Macromedia became one, Adobe has become a cooler company.
Lets see what new features these Apps come with. There are a couple of interesting videos on Adobe TV that might be worth checking out.

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Adobe Launch Broadcast
Adobe CS4
Adobe TV


Free Flash Templates

December 4, 2007


Come get them while they’re hot. FlashVillage offers free Flash templates for all to use. Just Register, browse and download till you drop.

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Its a Folder. Its a Flash Drive. But its still a Folder.

September 27, 2007

Folderix flash drive

Another great addition to the amazing items we want for the loft. It comes from the heads of Art Lebedev Studios. Simple concept, a “Folder” to put your files into. Brilliant.
No specs or details on how much memory it will hold. No info on how to buy it… But i want one!

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Art.Lebedev Studios – Folderix

Open up. Sense more. Wacom

September 25, 2007


Ok, take a 5 minute break from your day. If your here already means you got some free time. So stop everything else and let yourself go in this presentation by Wacom.
Simple, peaceful and beautifully done. Created with Flash, using simple photos, fade transitions and a nice soundtrack, Wacom takes you on a journey of Creative Zen.

I’ve always wanted a Tablet. I played with a few. but now I’m definitely getting one!

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Open up. Sense more. –
Wacom Products

Twitter sucks?

July 20, 2007


To Twitter or Not to Twitter? That is the question.
I’m pretty sure many of you are familiar with it, or at least heard of it. But what is it for? As Twitter themselves explains it:

Twitter is a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives. Friends near or far can use Twitter to remain somewhat close while far away. Curious people can make friends. Bloggers can use it as a mini-blogging tool. Developers can use the API to make Twitter tools of their own. Possibilities are endless!

Ok, so you can send short updates using your mobile, IM or on the web… but what is it and what is it for? Any use for it? Most of my friends and peeps I told about it don’t tink so. But I do.
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Blender 2.44 (Free 3d App)

May 30, 2007


*Birds chirping as you get out of bed* “ im going to explore the wonderful world of 3d… I think i’m gonna get a Maya or even 3ds Max just to see what its all about. WTF!? $3000 for a program?”

Well….If that’s you Blender is here for you, it has all the features of the big 3d apps including RayTracing by YAFRAY, Global Lighting, SSS (sub surface scattering), Game Dev Tools, Animation tools & Extensive modeling and shader controls and did I mention its FREE?.

Built on the new Python scripting language Blender runs on all platforms (Linux, Mac OSX & Windows) & there is tons of support online i even found some great video tutorials on Walker Creations

I do suggest you download the Python Language for all the blender features to run


2007 Logo Trends

May 29, 2007

Logo Trends

Take a look at the LOGO TRENDS of 07 in this article by It helps see whats going on in the world of logo design and what designers are moving torwards. Good guide.

Check it – 2007 Logo Trends