April 16, 2009


Yes we’re still around, and now were back… just on a smaller scale. just 140 characters at a time.

InkDrop is moving to Twitter for a while. T and I have been too busy with real life/work and have been neglecting our beloved mini awesome blog for too long. We have been Twittering tho. So we figured, why not just move InkDrop and do the same thing we do here and post all the good links and cool stuff to a 140 format.

So my friends (if there are any left), if you have a Twitter account just add @Ink_Drop and start following us. if you don’t have an account, let InkDrop be your excuse to get one.

See you there.

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Twiter @Ink_Drop


Its a Folder. Its a Flash Drive. But its still a Folder.

September 27, 2007

Folderix flash drive

Another great addition to the amazing items we want for the loft. It comes from the heads of Art Lebedev Studios. Simple concept, a “Folder” to put your files into. Brilliant.
No specs or details on how much memory it will hold. No info on how to buy it… But i want one!

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Art.Lebedev Studios – Folderix

SQUARE Online Store

August 22, 2007

SQUARE Online Shop

Game Developer SQUARE has open an Online Store. The best place for fans to find the widest selection of high-end SQUARE ENIX merchandise, including action figures, plush dolls, silver jewelry, and EXCLUSIVE items.
My fellow geeks, its time to go crazy shopping for Final Fantasy’s Cloud sculpture, Sora’s Keyblade (Kingdom Key) from Kindom Hearts and all the goodness you want.
Go crazy friends.

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SQUARE Online Store

Deviant Art Presents: Skin a Scion

July 13, 2007


Provided are several templates and stock photo resources of the 5 models to work from. Use some, one, all or none of these in your finished piece of work! This is a Winner Take All! contest; only one prize will be awarded. So, make each entry count as there will be no runner up prizes!

Official Contest Page
See Gallery

Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming

July 2, 2007

Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming Shirt

Yup, you heard right. Giant Fucking Robots Are Coming. And they’re gonna kick some ass.
The long wait for our favorite robots is almost at an end. So why not show your Giant Fucking Robot Pride with a shirt. Not the greatest Transformer Shirt ever… but I love the line.

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Get The Fucking T-Shirt

Dramatic Chipmunk is taking over!

July 1, 2007

Dramatic Chipmunk

And so, here it is (insert dramatic music here) the now infamous Prairie dog, referred by most as the Dramatic Chipmunk is taking over the net. This 5 second video is becoming very popular, very fast with many remixes and user created videos on YouTube.
And now (insert dramatic music here) he’s is also a T-Shirt set to ship next week. I want one… just for the dramatic effect.

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BustedTees Shirt
The Drama in all His Glory

Kid Robot Mobile

June 19, 2007

Kid Robot-Mobile

Ok, so I got a new cellphone for Father’s Day and I wanted to get a new ringer for it. But not your usual radio hit from the Top 20. So I searched around and remembered the good guys at Kid Robot.
They have great stuff, plus goodies for your Mobile! I like their ringers.

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Kid Robot Mobile