April 16, 2009


Yes we’re still around, and now were back… just on a smaller scale. just 140 characters at a time.

InkDrop is moving to Twitter for a while. T and I have been too busy with real life/work and have been neglecting our beloved mini awesome blog for too long. We have been Twittering tho. So we figured, why not just move InkDrop and do the same thing we do here and post all the good links and cool stuff to a 140 format.

So my friends (if there are any left), if you have a Twitter account just add @Ink_Drop and start following us. if you don’t have an account, let InkDrop be your excuse to get one.

See you there.

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Twiter @Ink_Drop


Heroes Webisodes: Going Postal

September 15, 2008

Heroes Webisodes

Heroes is coming back this September 22, but for those who cant wait til then to get your Heroes fix, there online webisodes. Not sure if there will be more chapters added later, but for now we have the story of a Mailman Banshee.

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Heroes Webisodes

Adobe Max 2008/2009 Conference

July 5, 2008

Adobe Max Conference

2Advanced, Big Spaceship & Blitz worked together to create an interactive experience for Adobe MAX Conference. Each agency was commissioned to create one area for the experience.

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Adobe Max
2Advanced describes the experience – Plat4m

Adobe Interviews Joshua Davis

June 17, 2008

Joshua Davis

Adobe interviews Joshua Davis. In the video he explains how he created his artwork and the tools he uses.

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Adobe: Joshua Davis

Fi is here

May 2, 2008

New Fantasy Interactive Site

Fantasy Interactive, or like they like to be called now, Fi, has gone live with their new brand website. Definitely very Web 2.0, whatever that means. Clean, easy to browse and simple. No more flare and 3D icons everywhere. A big change from their previous site.

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New Fantasy Interactive Coming Soon

April 4, 2008

New Fi on the way

Think Swedish announced the release of Fantasy Interactive’s new website on April 23rd.
I’m very interested to see what the guys came up with.

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Think Swedish – Read Article

“See What’s Possible” Gallery

March 27, 2008

Photoshop “See What’s Possible” Gallery

The See What’s Possible Challenge is a contest where users create their own videos using the theme “See What’s Possible.”

There’s good entries, some ok ones, a few weird ones and lots of crappy ones. Vote for your favorite to win the People’s Choice Prize.

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“See What’s Possible” – Galley