“See What’s Possible” Gallery

March 27, 2008

Photoshop “See What’s Possible” Gallery

The See What’s Possible Challenge is a contest where users create their own videos using the theme “See What’s Possible.”

There’s good entries, some ok ones, a few weird ones and lots of crappy ones. Vote for your favorite to win the People’s Choice Prize.

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“See What’s Possible” – Galley


Feed 2.0

February 21, 2008

Feed 2.0

One of the best sources for Motion Graphics, Animation, anything & everything cool in new media, FEED, just had a new facelift. And guess what, they chose WordPress as their CMS. Good peeps, good choice.

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Feed 2.0 – FeedHere.com

THE “Sorry I haven’t Posted anything for a while, but heres a cool video for you guys” – POST

February 6, 2008

Cool Video

Ok, so I know we have neglected this place and you guys for a while. Life for us has gotten a little more complicated and busy and real life is kicking in. The little free time we have we use it to sleep… a little… then get back to work.

One of the main reasons I haven’t done a post for a while is lack of posting material. Having no time to research and surf for cool stuff has really taken a toll on this place… SO… when I did have time, like a couple of months ago, we used to keep a Ta-da List of cool stuff we found on the net and used it as a queue. That list is still here and with a bunch of old stuff.

So to try to make up for lost time Im gonna start posting all that old stuff till the list is over, starting with this video.

Again sorry to anyone that cares.

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Cool Video I found last year – Takes a while to load but I think its worth.

Beautiful Woman Render for Bitfilm Festival

October 2, 2007

bitfilm trailer

Heres a beautifully rendered half naked woman created to promote the BitFilm Festival.
Do I need to say more…

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View & Download the Trailer

Advanced Beauty

September 14, 2007

Advanced Beauty

Created by designer/director Jan Mathias Steinforth, Advanced Beauty is a visually stunning experimental work, exploring color and motion. It feels like an abstract dream.

Jan Mathias will be competing in New York this Saturday, in this year’s Cut&Paste Tournament. Be sure to attend this great event if you’re in the area. You can get tickets here

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Jan Mathias Steinforth – Advanced Beauty
Cut&Paste NY

Three Legged Legs New Site and Works

August 24, 2007

3LL new site

Three Legged Legs has a new site. it features new work and something I really like to see, images of the work process and features.

Some works to mention are the ads they created for AMP from Dew, and of coarse Samurai.

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August 2, 2007


Back in the day, I think it was a Wednesday, I saw this piece created by WDDG in NY and it inspired me to learn Motion Graphics. It was the start of a great relationship with AfterEffects.
Great music, awesome visuals. This is Anamorph.

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