Diablo 3

June 28, 2008

Blizzard has announced Diablo 3 along with a few videos including a teaser trailer and a 20 minute game play feature. Take a look and leave some comments!

Diablo 3 Official site

20 minute game play feature


The Coke Zero Game

March 20, 2008

The Coke Zero Game

Go from Average Joe to a bad ass. Race a car and jump over a bridge. Use your Soccer skills and bust thru a wall. Go to a girl’s locker and impress them with your talents. And all this while being guided by Hot Blond Women. It reminds me of my last weekend… when I played the game.

Very well done adventure game to promote Coke Zero, created by the great design firm North Kingdom. You’ll be there for a while, once you start, you’ll want to finish it.

Check it
The Coke Zero Game

They don’t want me in the Swedish Armed Forces.

March 10, 2008

Swedish Armed Forces

I have never been part of the Army or any of the Armed Forces nor I consider myself soldier material. But I respect those who are.

The Swedish Armed Forces launched a Recruitment site that tests your ability to Multi-task, think, your memory and your concentration. I took the test… and FAILED! Ha ha. Did good in the puzzle, sucked everywhere else. Take the test, its fun and there’s no commitment. Its not like they’re gonna recruit you and ship you out to where ever it is. I double dare you.

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Swedish Armed Forces – Take the Test

Untangle this.

February 7, 2008


Stumbled across this nifty little game while visiting Ze’s Page and now I’m stock playing it.

The title of the game explains it, try to untangle the lines so they don’t touch each other.

Have Fun!

Check it


October 22, 2007


Most addictive game EVER! Brb gonna go play it some more…
Peggle Demo

Play Bucking Fuggy – Online 3D Game

August 20, 2007


Running on the 3D life engine, which is only a browser Plug-In, Bucking Fuggy gives you a free 3d game to drive around your little buggy and try to get a good time for the world ranking . The Game itself is entertaining, but more than that it’s 3d running on your browser & not that shockwave stuff either!

Could this be a new wave of websites? (No, I don’t mean like second life)… I mean, what if as an artist, you have a game engine running, and your site becomes a real-time gallery where people can walk through,view & comment on your art?  I’m leaving this open to discussion.

Play Bucking Fuggy
Bucking Fuggy Blog

Win an Atreyu’s Signed guitar

August 1, 2007


This is a cool concept. To promote their upcoming release, Atreyu has created an online game.
Put the song back together in less time that everyone else and get a chance to win an Atreyu’s Signed Guitar, the new release CD before it comes out and a year free membership to the fan club and a call from the band. The rest of the To 10 will get a CD and a year membership to the Fan Club
The winners will be announced on August 6, so start playing!
Good luck

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