The Great American Rampage Tour Dates

September 17, 2007

The Great American Rampage Tour - Logo

Tour Dates for The Great American Rampage Tour have been announced. Taking off at Revolution in Florida on OCT/26 and ending on DEC. Tour dates are still being added and updated.

So, what you guys think of Rampage’s rocking logo created by Angel Resto. Love the Hardcore goat with the Mohawk and the detail. Its gonna make a kick ass T-Shirt and collateral like posters and stickers. Heres another variation of the logo.

We’ll keep you updated with any news.

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Socks For Our Troops

May 16, 2007


A good friend of mine and the owner of has informed me that not many companies are shipping to the troops over in Afghanistan. So Black and White Socks will be one of the first to be shipping to FPO & APO addresses along with a special package and discount.. Read More

Eduardo Cintron – Looking for thread, a needle got lost

May 5, 2007

Looking for thread, a needle got lost

Eduardo’s CD Debut, Looking for thread, a needle got lost, has been released. Classical sound compositions make this CD perfect for relaxing, while having a little wine, or beer.

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ANKLA – eCard

April 27, 2007


Ok, by now we all know ANKLA kicks fucking ass. So now lets spread the chaos.
Angel, the artist that created the amaizing CD Cover artwork, contacted me to work with him on creating an eCard to promote Ankla. You know I jumped right in to the oportunity!
So here it is kids.. enjoy and let it be heard.

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Cut & Paste 06 – NY

April 25, 2007

Cut&Paste 06

Yeah I know, Im a little late on this, sorry I just found out. But hey, its still News if you didn’t know about it. Plus I wanted to give a big CONGRATS to Guillo on winning Cut & Paste 06 in New York.

Cut&Paste is the live digital design competition that pits eight of their city’s best graphic designers against each other in an elimination battle of creativity, technical expertise, and wit. The competitors will work live on stage, in front of an audience and panel of expert judges. An MC will host the festivities and a soundtrack will be provided by hometown favorite DJs .

Sounds cool huh? Interesting concept. And great performance by Designers and DJs. A definite must see. Take a look at the photos and videos from last years event and see what’s it all about. I hear they’re visiting more cities this year, even overseas. Not coming down to FL tho… bastards.
Keep an eye open for them, and go see the show if you get a chance.

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Cut& Ep 55

Six Flags – You are here

April 18, 2007

Six Flags Ad

Zimmerman in a creative partnership with The Syndicate have produced a multi-spot commercial and branding package, “You Are Here,” for Six Flags.

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Casper Electronics – New Logo

April 8, 2007

Casper Electronics - New Logo

I know probably most of you, if not all of you, don’t have any idea what Casper Electronics is. Well, me either. Until my friend Jose Thomas sent me an email letting me know his Logo design was picked to be the new ID for it. Congrats my friend.
Logo design is a tricky one. Its not as simple as many might think it is. Theres a lot of thought that goes into creating the ID, the visual icon that will represent that company. Plus it goes in everything and everywhere. Having said that, my first impresion of the logo was not the best. Its playfull and very simple, but Im very familiar with Joseto’s work and I was curious to why he went the direction he did. So I studied the company a little. Then it made perfect sense, and I wouldn’t make it any other way. It goes perfect with the company’s style and branding. Great Job Joseto!

Casper Electronics is a very unique company. This guy takes old electronics, mostly discarded toys, and remakes and modifies them into music/sound intruments. This is called circuit bending. Its very interesting, it producess a unique sound. It reminds me of NIN or new Drum & Bass tracks.
Take a look at how its done and visit the site. Some of the finished pieces have sound samples too. My faves are the SPEAK & SPELL pieces.

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Casper New Logo
Casper Interview