The Family Guy Guy’s Comedy

September 19, 2008

Seth MacFarlane has his own series of short Cartoon Episodes, sponsored by BK. A new episode is added weekly.

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YouTube Channel: Seth Comedy



September 3, 2008

Inkdrop Darksiders

I havent played a video game in MONTHS, I haven’t really done a post in months either but when i saw this trailer it rang “POST WORTHY!”  so… in the great works of 1ndigo “Check It”

Trailer: Darksiders 

Wall-e Vignettes

June 15, 2008

Wall-E Vignettes

Pixar is one of my favorite Animation Companies. Every movie they do is entertaining and the animation is always top notch.

For their new movie, Wall-e, they have put together a couple of vignettes that puts our robot friend in funny situations.

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Apple Trailers – Wall-e

Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2

June 3, 2008

So i finally had some free time this weekend for a change and got a chance to check out the 4th Naruto movie (Yes it sucked like all the rest of them). So I decided to go onto a forum on and pound away about how much the movie sucked and when i got there i was shocked……… ANNOUNCEMENT: There will be a 5th Naruto movie but this time its seems like Naruto and Sasuke will be fighting or fighting together against something. this one is for all the fanboys who lost faith in the series…

Trailer #1
Trailer #2

Batman: Gotham Knight

May 19, 2008

Batman- Gotham Knight

In this new release, Batman: Gotham Knight, we see the Dark Knight in a new way, Anime! Six Japanese animators were commissioned to create 6 short films about Batman. The stories are supposed to be between the 1st and 2nd movie timeline.
I’m really excited about this, this will give us a darker, more violent Batman. It has an Animatrix feel to it, I love it!

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Batman: Gotham Knight
First Look Featurette

“See What’s Possible” Gallery

March 27, 2008

Photoshop “See What’s Possible” Gallery

The See What’s Possible Challenge is a contest where users create their own videos using the theme “See What’s Possible.”

There’s good entries, some ok ones, a few weird ones and lots of crappy ones. Vote for your favorite to win the People’s Choice Prize.

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“See What’s Possible” – Galley

New Wall-e trailer

March 15, 2008

Wall-e trailer

A new trailer for Pixar’s latest feature, Wall-e. I can only imagine all the merchandise that gonna come flying off the shelfs. This robot has “profit” written all over. Lets see what happens.
The website has some parts still in construction, but so far it reminds me a little of the Whos We website. In Apple trailers there’s a couple of teasers, trailers, and a funny vacuum short.

Lifted was awesome. Wonder what the next short will be about?

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Wall-e Official Site
Apple Trailers – Wall-E