Fi is here

New Fantasy Interactive Site

Fantasy Interactive, or like they like to be called now, Fi, has gone live with their new brand website. Definitely very Web 2.0, whatever that means. Clean, easy to browse and simple. No more flare and 3D icons everywhere. A big change from their previous site.

Check it


2 Responses to Fi is here

  1. T. says:

    man if the best flash developers in the world switched to web 2.0 what does that really say for flash?

  2. 1ndigo says:

    True. but it takes a great developer to realize that Flash isnt everything. Flash is just an awesome tool, but not the only tool. Heres what Fi had to say about it:

    Our sites used to reach out, grab the user, shake them vigorously and scream, “Made by Fantasy Interactive!” Fi was notorious for developing everything and anything in Flash, Today in Fi, you will only find Flash in places it needs to be and fits.

    I agree.

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