The Happening is happening… soon

The Happening

First he saw dead people. Then he couldn’t break. Then the aliens came. A little while later a blind girl walked miles to get the medicine. A hotel manager became a guardian to a wet girl, and that got T. all excited. And now the bees are gone.

Im not really sure what’s happening in M. Night Shyamalan’s new movie, but the guy knows how to make movies, so its gotta be good.

Check it
The Happening


10 Responses to The Happening is happening… soon

  1. HadliPie says:

    T. all excited!! HAAHA

    saw the trailer for it……. cant wait to see it!

  2. 1ndigo says:

    its kind of interesting, and then again its not.
    One side its like:
    “who the fuck cares what happens to the bees. Bees sting you and it hurts… fuck bees”

    But then the other side is like:
    “If the bees are gone, why the fuck are all those cars in the middle of the road? where they driven by bees or… and where is everybody?”

    Ha ha, im so silly.
    Its a Shyamalan’s flick, so you know theres gotta be a weird twist to it

  3. T. says:

    What? no more honey!

  4. HadliPie says:

    personally i think that bees are novelty food for the aliens, who use humans as host .. that would explain the cars in the road and the fact that the bees are gone. but im sure that no bees, no pollination, no flowers,no plants no food. lol. the earth will perish and then the remaining humans will have to turn to cannibalism to survive.
    plus they have to fight off aliens.

  5. Don Cheo says:

    Wow, u guys have some weird theories.

    Ill let the movie tell me what happening. Its THE HAPPENING, so something must be happening… no?

  6. T. says:

    seems like the world is coming to end end via something biological or knowing m night its just a cloud of death

  7. 1ndigo says:

    wow H… u really put a lot of thought into it huh. ha ha

  8. john says:

    personally i believe it’s most likly an invasion from the blood sucking, orphan eating garden species known as the ‘Garden Gnome’. My theory derives from the fact that ‘Garden Gnomes’ eat bees, also because m night has had a personal phobia of ‘Garden Gnomes’ scince the age of 12 (a ‘Garden Gnome’ punched him in the chest with his foot [thats right his foot])

  9. 1ndigo says:

    Ha ha ha
    thats the best theory YET!
    And prolly after he got punched with the foot, the Gnome slapped him silly with his ass

  10. HadliPie says:

    hmm.. lol.well. i YES! i put alot of thought into it !! j/k
    but im sure what ever is happening shud be exciting or at least interesting in the end.:) so i guess ill jus wait to see!

    cloud of death<– HAHA!

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