Plankton Invasion


The zoo-plankton, the smallest form of aquatic life, have gathered, grouped and organized themselves in a military way in order to invade, conquer and rule the world just like their forefathers did during their Primal Soup heighdays, about 3 million years ago.
Take a look at their Missions.


3 Responses to Plankton Invasion

  1. HadliPie says:

    aww.these plankton are really too cute.
    but they are too much action. and have a distinctive love of fire.
    interesting angle to look at things!

  2. 1ndigo says:

    cute? they are dangerous!
    keep away from the Plankton, theyll burn you to the ground!

    Its great animation, The lil guys remind me of Patrick from Sponge Bob tho.

  3. HadliPie says:

    yes soo tru. i kno he looked overly familiar. but ye lol those plankton will def torch ya ! i love how they always manage to toss the match into the lighter..BOOM!

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