Great American Rampage Tour

This has been one of the best concerts I’ve been in a long time. The Great American Rampage Tour, put together by Bieler Brothers, featured non-stop hard rock action by awesome bands. We went with a couple of friends to the opening show in Ft Lauderdale @ Club Revolution this past 10/29.

Great American Rampage Tour - Ft Lauderdale

The show opened with Karnivool’s first US show. It was like listening to the record. They are an amazing band and I hope they come back again and again. They have become one of my favorite bands.
Then Ankla took the stage and destroyed it. They have a powerful sound. I was exhausted from the pit. But It did not stop there. I knew I had to get my breath back and get ready for Skindred. Its the first time I see them play on a LIVE show and they made the club jump. The front man made sure everyone was involved and jumped with them. And last but not least, Nonpoint.
To tell you the truth, I only stayed for a couple of songs. Not by choice, but I kinda had to. The peeps I was with had to go, and my body couldn’t take more beating. But you could see the crowd loving their natives.

The Great American Rampage Poster

It was a great show and we enjoyed the fuck out of it. We got to meet a few of the bands, took some pics and had the poster signed… still missing Angel‘s signature to complete the poster but its all good.

The Tour will be going till December 15th.

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3 Responses to It was a GREAT AMERICAN RAMPAGE

  1. H. Besenyei says:

    hellz ye!!!!! was an awesome show!! i had the best time :):)!!
    Karnivool was soooooooooooooo good!!

  2. Don Cheo says:

    Karnivool was great. Ankla had the Pit going crazy. I would love to go see them again. We should make a big group and travel to any of the other Florida shows.

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