I am Legend – New Site & Survival Game

I Am Legend

Will Smith’s new movie, I am Legend, has a new site and online game thru Second Life.

Check It
Survival Game


4 Responses to I am Legend – New Site & Survival Game

  1. Don Cheo says:

    Can’t wait for it to come out

  2. Blake says:

    Yo, i Know nothing about the I AM LEGEND SURVIVAL game and how to sign up?

    Is there anyone out there who is willing to help me sign up for the game and play it?

    PLEASE! tell me how to sign up!!!

  3. Don Cheo says:

    you cant sign up anymore. The game is over.
    This is whats posted when you try to sign up

    I Am Legend: Survival has completed its run with the discovery of the Cure!
    Congratulations to JulieJewels Roussel for finding the Cure, and thank you to all our players!

  4. SEO says:

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