Claymation Bunnies Everywhere

Brivia - Play-Doh

Bunnies took over New York for this Ad for Sony Bravia. Another wonderful addition to the already great collection of Ads.
Visit the Bravia website to see all the ads and some behind the scenes videos.

Check it
Sony Bravia Site
Passion Pictures – Play-Doh


6 Responses to Claymation Bunnies Everywhere

  1. 1ndigo says:

    The “making of” videos are awesome.
    my Favorite comercial is the Paint Explosion. The Color rain at the end is beautiful

  2. shoney says:

    OK, Just for the record, I have the Sony BrAvia (Not Brivia) 53 inch LCD and it’s the baddest 1080p lcd out there right now. I drilled a small whole through the wall to connect my mac in the bedroom to the Sony in my living room (via second monitor output) and I got some bluetooth keyboard and mouse and it works perfect from my couch. Nothing like osx and itunes in the living room.

    Their advertising is very unique. I’ll give sony that. I likie the paint commercial they ran with the millions of gallons of paint spraying all over those buildings. That took months to clean up.

  3. 1ndigo says:

    Corrected the misspell
    A BIG one too
    So now its BrAvia (Not Brivia)

    Anyway… cool idea to conect your Mac to the TV. it must look sweet!
    What about video games. thats gotta be an experience!

  4. shoney says:

    You have no idea how sweet a ps3 (and my xbox too) looks on the Bravia. I did so much research before laying down 5k on a TV (Which i just finished paying off) In the end I chose LCD over Plasma because LCD TV’s weight half as much (plasmas have too much glass), and 90% of plasmas are only a 720 HD resolution and not a full 1080HD. There’s a lot they don’t tell you in the advertising. The small gas filled pixels are harder to make than liquid crystal at that high resolution. The only 1080 plasmas out there will run you around ten grand or more. For people with more of a budget, I would recommend the Sharp Aquos series LCD’s, which was my second choice. I don’t know why this turned into a sales pitch, but it’s so easy to back a product that one loves.

  5. 1ndigo says:

    So… apparently there’s word that the bunny concept was not an original and was “borrowed” from another artist. Sony, Fallon and Passion have responded to the accusations

    Read the article

  6. shoney says:

    wow. i just watched the ad and it is pretty bad ass. Sorry to the plaintiff, but the borrowed concept clearly goes far beyond a simple illustration.

    The whale thing was cool too.

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