Superman Doomsday on DVD

Superman Doomsday DVD

I have 2 copies of the original comic book. One that I read, and the other still on its original sealed package. So when I found out that the story of how Superman died on the hands of Doomsday was made into an animated movie and now its out on DVD, the nerd in me had to come out.

Check it
Superman Doomsday DVD


2 Responses to Superman Doomsday on DVD

  1. Nihility says:

    I just finished watching it last night. The fight scenes are great, the voice acting great also. But without giving out any spoilers, the story line and presentation of characters just didn’t do it for me. I was lead to believe that this would be all about Doomsday but it really wasn’t. Oh well still good overall.

  2. Lamel says:

    the fight scenes were cool, didnt like the voice acting, and i didnt like this new character design from bruce timm, all in all disappointing

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