Full Metal Alchemist – Season 1 Box Set

Full Metal Alchemist Season 1

This is a great series. If you haven’t seen it, or even if you have, Full Metal Alchemist is definitely an Anime worth having in your collection. Watch again as Ed & Al go thru an adventure to find the Philosopher’s Stone following the rules of Equivalent Exchange. Don’t know what Im talking about? Watch the series!

This box set includes 4 DVD containing the first 16 episodes, 4 Guide Books and a few extra features.

Check it
FMA – Season 1 Box Set


5 Responses to Full Metal Alchemist – Season 1 Box Set

  1. Nihility says:

    Very true I’ve seen all the eps and the movie. A very worth while watch. Surprisingly the dub is very good in my own opinion.

  2. Don Cheo says:

    This entire series is great. I think they’re starting to show it on Adult Swim again.

  3. T. says:

    What a great series

  4. Lamel says:

    great series, the dub sucks major balls

  5. Nihility says:

    I liked the dub more so than the sub. But I suppose to each his/her own.

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