The Great American Rampage Tour Dates

The Great American Rampage Tour - Logo

Tour Dates for The Great American Rampage Tour have been announced. Taking off at Revolution in Florida on OCT/26 and ending on DEC. Tour dates are still being added and updated.

So, what you guys think of Rampage’s rocking logo created by Angel Resto. Love the Hardcore goat with the Mohawk and the detail. Its gonna make a kick ass T-Shirt and collateral like posters and stickers. Heres another variation of the logo.

We’ll keep you updated with any news.

Check it
BBR Forum – TGAR Tour Dates


6 Responses to The Great American Rampage Tour Dates

  1. T. says:

    Angel always impresses me with his work. The Ankla logo and the Tavu video are my fav’s. Anyway this concert is going to kick ass i’ll be there!

  2. H of the No Smile says:

    me!! me!! i wanna go tooo!!!!!!!

  3. 1ndigo says:

    Tomorrow my friends…
    Tomorrow we will be kicking some big ass goats ass.

    TGAR Tour takes off in Club Revolution tomorrow night.

  4. H. Besenyei says:

    the concert was amazing!!! i def had the best time.
    all the performers were great!!!! karnivool was just awesome, ankla was incredible, and skindred was just on another level! great entertainment!!!!!! :):)

  5. T. says:

    Karnivool RULED!
    ANKLA Rocked!
    Skindred’s Performance was great the song Ratrace is still in my head!

  6. Blaza says:

    Karnivool is Crazy….
    Skindread was great….
    Of course Nonpoint was ridiculous

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