Heavenly Sword – The Last Episode

Heavenly Sword

Episode 5, the last installment of the animated series and Making of series for Heavenly Sword is available to view and download.

Check it
Heavenly Sword – Episode 5


9 Responses to Heavenly Sword – The Last Episode

  1. 1ndigo says:

    the animated series are amazing.
    Cant wait to play the game

  2. T. says:

    the mini C’s pre-ordered it.

  3. Nihility says:

    Shame it’s exclusively for PS3. Oh well, I’ll wait for Devil May Cry 4 for 360.

  4. T. says:

    Im a really big sony fan but so far out of the 8 games ive played on ps3 im not impressed at all. I don’t think i’ll be buying a ps3 (not yet at least) but i would really like to play Heavenly Sword & MGS. if MSG goes over to xbox 360 im sure i’ll buy one.

  5. Nihility says:

    Anothor game to look out for on the 360 is “Prototype”. Here’s the trailer http://www.radical.ca/video/prototype_cg_trailer.mov I don’t think it has a official site just yet.

  6. Nihility says:

    Nevermind it does have it’s own website.

  7. 1ndigo says:

    That looks like an awesome game too
    The trailer kicks ass

  8. H of the No Smile says:

    Does the game game come out today?

  9. 1ndigo says:

    yes, the game came out yesterday.
    Any1 out there played it yet?

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