iPhone 4GB price drop

iPhone Tour

Gotta love those apples! When the aren’t ripe they cut the price on em! So if you aren’t one of the cool kids now you can be, go pick up the 4GB iPhone for $299 while supplies last.

Apple Store 


2 Responses to iPhone 4GB price drop

  1. […] Its true the price on the iPhones droped some. But if you ask me, I much rather keep my phone and phone bill the same and go for an iPod […]

  2. 1ndigo says:

    I dont know. Even with the price cut I wouldnt get one.
    Believe me, I would love to get my hands on one of my own, but having to switch networks and some of the issues Shoney brought up on a previous post, plus all the new issues with security and software… maybe Im just bitching, but i much rather wait a while.

    Or just get the new iPod Touch

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