Bleach: Memories of Nobody DVD Release!


Woot! FINALLY after such a long time Bleach: Memories of Nobody comes out on DVD. Lets see how long it takes to hit the torrent sites.

Or if you are a law abiding citizen like me you can purchase the DVD from

Bleach Movie subbed by DB – Click to download .torrent file


42 Responses to Bleach: Memories of Nobody DVD Release!

  1. Nihility says:

    Wasn’t there also talk of another Bleach movie showing in Japanese theaters in December? Correct me if I’m mistaken. Also if you could find the title of the December movie it would be much appreciated.

  2. Nihility says:

    Well for all who are curious about the movie in December, it’s titled ” Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion – Mō Hitotsu no Hyōrinmaru”. Here’s the link for more info

  3. 1ndigo says:

    Thanx for that link Nihility.
    We’ll prolly do a post about it soon.

    You can watch the Japanese trailer on the official site

  4. […] UPDATE DVD Released in Japan […]

  5. 1ndigo says:


    …law abiding citizen like me…

    yeah right!!!

  6. Nihility says:

    By the time the DvD gets to you DB would have subbed it. That’s how I see it. But if the DvD came with subtitles I would most certainly buy it. But seeing how I don’t speak Japanese I’ll wait for DB.

  7. T. says:

    Nihility has been promoted to the Official Bleach Media Finder Guy.
    keep an eye out for the sub for us 🙂

  8. Tuan says:


  9. Tuan says:

    nvm it is a fake! dont use that sub up there! it wasted my friggin time!

  10. Nihility says:

    I’ll post the sub when I find it. FYI I doubt they will post just the sub file, so I would not DL the RAW in hopes of later just DLing the sub file. Only cause DB always embeds stuff in their work.

  11. 1ndigo says:

    yeah Tuan. You were almost a hero. But you could tell it wasn’t too reliable. The file size was too small to be a movie or a good quality sub. We can wait for the good peeps @ DB.

    Nihility, thanx for all the info.

  12. Tuan says:

    why are they taking so long? (cry) (sob) wah wah! i need to learn japanese quick!

  13. Nihility says:

    Well as I heard alot of the people are just starting back up with their college semester. But that was for some manga scanlation groups I don’t know if it applies to DB as well. I also think that they are working extra hard on it being the 1st official (not counting the living sword ova) movie. So when it hits the torrents you can DL knowing that it will be nothing but top notch.

  14. david says:

    this yr bleach movie 2 coming out

    diamond dust rebelion they thnik hitsugaya is a traiter when a group of bandits attk him and he goes missing the goteu 13 declare him a traitor for the king’s seal but ichigo matsumoto renji n other ppl dont think he is

  15. Tuan says:

    Omg imma kill myself if they dont finish right away! ahhhhhh! (5 secs later)

    ok ok im calm. already downloaded the raw all i need is the subtitle srt. file to merge it together.

    to kill the time if any of you know how to play 13 cards, go the register for free and play against the best players in the world. Including me! Trust me you dont have to be asian to learn this game, i play with my white friends everyday even though i pwn them and win their money! heheheheheheeheheh, muahahahahahah

  16. Nihility says:

    BTW that is subbed by DB. I’m DLing now and will wake up to a nice movie to watch. Enjoy all.

  17. Tuan says:

    awwww u beat me to the punch!

  18. Tuan says:

    touche Nihility touche

  19. Nihility says:

    Haha it’s alright. As long as people get this movie.

  20. Tuan says:

    omg best movie ever! its like an orgy for your eyes! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! relaxing

  21. Tuan says:

    o man i think im in love with senna! I wished my gf was more like her! geez

  22. 1ndigo says:

    I updated the Post and added the .torrent link so its easier for peeps to DL
    thanx Nihility

  23. Lamel says:


  24. 1ndigo says:

    watching the movie right now!!!

  25. H of the No Smile says:

    i watched ittttt!!

  26. Spirit Caller says:

    great movie can’t wait until the next one to come out

  27. T. says:

    it was good, but not the best anime movie ive seen.
    Kenpachi’s fight was awesome! but short 😦

  28. Nihility says:

    No not the best movie. But I think over all the Bleach series is doing very well. Let’s see how long it lasts and how long it continues to do well.

  29. T. says:

    ooo i just watched episode 139… Goood episode!

  30. Tuan says:

    make sure u guys watched the last minute of the movie after the song, because it got even better! Dont exit ur player when it hits to the song!

  31. Panda says:

    ok just to let everyone know that Bleach the movie : memorys of nobody is in amazing perfect near enough/is DVD rip with subtitles

    downside takes ages to buffer or whist playing it buffers =[

    anyways heres the link


  32. sharifo says:

    i have 2 questions here,
    1- is that DVD ripped copy, coz all the copies of this movie are just crappy
    2- is there any subtitles for the movie
    thanks in advanced,

  33. 1ndigo says:

    DB subs are always good quality and they have subtitles

  34. H of the No Smile says:

    Sharifo, they are all DIVX quality but i havent seen any 4GB dvd rip versions

  35. sharifo says:

    Hey, just wanted to say thanks,
    I waited too long to watch this movie, and i t was something great,
    keep us informed with this stuff,

  36. ayil says:


  37. Extacy says:

    Hey Wheres a good place to buy it on dvd that someone has bought it and know it comes with subtitles i cant find it in stores..

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