Caveman is having a Party, and we’re all invited!

Caveman’s Crib

We all know the lovable Geico Cavemen. Now we get to know them a lot better. Saw this on a commercial last night and ran to the computer to check it out. is a promo site featuring the Geico cavemen. You’re given the choice of when to visit their apartment, Saturday before the party or Sunday after the disaster happened.
The site is full of content. On Saturday you get to explore the apartment and snoop around. On Sunday is where all the fun stuff is. Look around the mess and find pictures and lots of videos on mobile phones left around the house.
Those guys know how to throw a party!

Check it
Geico’s Press Release


5 Responses to Caveman is having a Party, and we’re all invited!

  1. H of the Faint Smile says:

    so their house is cool. n their place was totally smashed after the party. but what is the significance of this gimmick??? like where is geico/the caveman going with this campaign?

  2. 1ndigo says:

    They are going for awereness. you know the Caveman is related to Gieco, and even in some spots of the house you can see Geico ads (magazine, tv)

    A lot of companies do this. create an experience online related to the campaign, just to cause more awareness of your product.

    Like the Hot Pockets sensei guy. Have you seen him? he also has a mini site

    And the Beef Jerky guys and messing with the Sasquatch

    Its all created in efforts to be in top of mind next time you think of food, or in Geicos case insurance

  3. H of the Faint Smile says:

    hmm ok. thanks:)

  4. H of the No Smile says:

    wow. the show is actually on! abc 8pm on tuesday nights…. its kinda “interesting”….. lol caveman are creepy

  5. 1ndigo says:

    Did anyone else watch the show?
    One of the Cavemans from the Party did a Cameo… lol
    I like the cavemen, not sure about the show. I found myself channel surfing

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