Batman – The Dark Knight Teaser

Batman - The Dark Knight

This past weekend they had some viral campaigns across LA promoting The Joker. you can see the different stages of the campaign on the site. Heres a Report of the Event.

This teaser is mainly the Batman logo being destroyed by some kind of light, while we hear Bruce talking to Albert the butler. But at the end you get a taste of what the Joker will sound like.

Check it
The Dark Knight Teaser Trailer
The Joker Viral Campaign Police Report

The Previous page with the Teaser & Viral Campaign was taken out and replaced with Rent-A-Clown
We’ll keep you updated

Trailer available thru Apple Trailers – The Dark Knight


5 Responses to Batman – The Dark Knight Teaser

  1. 1ndigo says:

    the trailer runs really choppy, so i recoment you view it from the links bellow the preview screen.
    And for some reason the movies are HUGE… so just go for the Low quality version…
    U know what, lets meke it easier.
    Heres the link

  2. Lamel says:

    i blieve…warner brothers or w/e ran the teaser took it off…BLASPHEMY…THIS IS MADDNESS!!!!!!!!!

  3. T. says:

    The viral link just changed… wierd stuff…

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