I am Legend – I am Watching it!

I am Legend

The more I learn about this movie, the more I want to see it. Plus I’m a Smith fan.
I AM LEGEND, from the book of the same name but the film will be closer to The Omega Man, the second film adaptation of the novel, is the story about how the world gets infected with a virus that changes the world’s population into bloodthirsty creatures (á la Resident Evil). Robert Neville then becomes the only uninfected human. Roaming by day, hunter by night.
While hunting for the creatures, he discovers there are 2 kinds. Fully infected bloodthirsty killing creatures, and hybrid humans, infected by the virus but still have some control over the urges. However, Neville goes every night hunting, killing both kinds. Causing fear in the “Vampire” culture of the last living human, that every night kills everyone infected. Hence becoming a myth, a LEGEND.

What’s the twist? What’s the conclution? Thats why I want to see it.

Check it


6 Responses to I am Legend – I am Watching it!

  1. F. says:

    I read this book a while back and loved it. When i heard Will Smith was starring in it I was scared. I like Will, but he’s nothing like the stoic middle-aged Suburban white male that Neville is in the novel. But, of course i’m going to still see this! I love these types of movies.

    In the book the virus turns everyone into mindless vampire-like creatures. Sunlight hurts them, they sleep during the day, they drink blood (they don’t eat flesh). And yes there are some hybrids.

    I line in NY and I saw them filming a scene once. I was excited!!

  2. T. says:

    The Movie is a must see, I haven’t read the book but im interested to know what they feed on…other survivors or eachother?

  3. H of the Faint Smile says:

    hmm looks interesting. def. a go-see

  4. Mario says:

    Consider my interest piqued. 🙂

    L M A O @ H of the Faint Smile.

  5. H of The Faint Smile says:

    HEH! 😉

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