Twitter sucks?


To Twitter or Not to Twitter? That is the question.
I’m pretty sure many of you are familiar with it, or at least heard of it. But what is it for? As Twitter themselves explains it:

Twitter is a community of friends and strangers from around the world sending updates about moments in their lives. Friends near or far can use Twitter to remain somewhat close while far away. Curious people can make friends. Bloggers can use it as a mini-blogging tool. Developers can use the API to make Twitter tools of their own. Possibilities are endless!

Ok, so you can send short updates using your mobile, IM or on the web… but what is it and what is it for? Any use for it? Most of my friends and peeps I told about it don’t tink so. But I do.

I discovered Twitter after I read an article by Clive Thompson in Wired. So I went and checked Clive’s Twitter out, created an account, told a few friends about it and invited them to join then started Twitter-ing. At first I twitter-ed like every 5 minutes. I must admit I got kinda hooked on it. Then I added my mobile so I could update using SMS, thats was it. Every little thing I would twitt about…

Just got up – Got to work – Having Lunch – and blah blah blah…

But I was by myself. Even tho some of my friends joined (only 2), they were not updating their Twitter nor care about mine… right T.?
I still update every once in a while. I try to send at least one a day. But not having anyone to share it with makes it kind of pointless.
You can create “badges” to plug into your blog, myspace or website. That way peeps can see your Twitter and get updates from your page. That is, if they care.

So I ask you, to Twitter or not to Twitter? Any use for it? Would you use it?

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5 Responses to Twitter sucks?

  1. T. says:

    you twit!
    I Admit its Fun for a few.. But i guess if you don’t have a big community of friends its kinda boring. I think i would use it more if i hide a Sidekick or something when i can update it on the go.

  2. F. says:

    It ridiculous. I understand blogging, I blog myself (sort-of, only through my MySpace blog really). With blogging you can post useful information or can write out your thoughts about a subject in a more complete manner. But who’s interested in every single small moment of someone’s life. “I’m taking a dump now” “I just found a penny” “I just finished another classic episode of Golden Girls”

    I love how’s it’s so easy to stay connected to friends and family who live half-way accross the world. But i’d rather just email them or check their profiles on MySpace/Facebook/Friendster.

    anyway, that’s my opinion on Twittering. I wonder how long it’ll last.

  3. H says:

    hmm. i dunoo . sounds a lil creepy to me. but hey if u have stalkers its a great way for them to keep up with every single move u make. so hey….:S

  4. Sage says:

    Sounds like Myspace to me

  5. myspace layout stealer

    then again, the opposite could be true

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