Claymore. Hot Blondes Big Swords.


Claymore is based on a typical good vs evil plot. Demons (or Yoma) live hidden amongst humans killing them to feed & Claymores who are part Yoma, engineered by a secret group to protect the humans.

After wacthing 13 episodes so far i’m hooked. Not just because it features hot blondes wielding huge swords, it’s the sheer brutality & compelling story thus far. Sadly enough, I cant get into the plot without spoiling the action. ( It gets REALLY REALLY good around episode 8).

Take my word for it, the series is impressive thus far, let’s hope its not a let down like most animes.

Claymore Episodes (Bittorent)


67 Responses to Claymore. Hot Blondes Big Swords.

  1. H says:

    this is definitely the axxxion. typically i’m sketptical but i really enjoy watchin this one

  2. H says:

    plus the killings are SO brutal! wow. its beautiful thing!

  3. 1ndigo says:

    This is my new favorite show… so far
    I mean, Clare is brutal, but fukn Teresa is an animal

    Im up to ep 6 so its getting better and better

    How often do the eps come out? and when can we get the Subs?

  4. T. says:

    How often do the eps come out? and when can we get the Subs?

    Its looking like late Wednesdays but i cant confirm this as yet.

  5. Lamel says:

    yeh it is airs on a wednesday, and luckily…were in the west so since the timeline for us and asia is huge, we might get an ep in the nite, or early thursday morning……and btw Claymore owns you

  6. T. says:

    Episode 14 is out 🙂

  7. T. says:

    I totally forgot to mention that Lamel found this series. Direct all thanks to him.

  8. 1ndigo says:


    thanx directed…

  9. Mario says:

    Yep, looking good.. At Ep 3. Lamel is anime wh0re. lol

  10. Lamel says:

    yeh np, haha @ mario, yall need to get ep 14, it was too short..*wants his claymore ASAP*

  11. Lamel says:


  12. H says:

    lamel u got one more week otherwise imma have ure head! u kno what im talkin about !!!lolz

  13. Lamel says:

    haha @ H, its goonna be HAWTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT this coming wednesday *cant wait*

  14. Lamel says:

    16 is out…*in queue for download*

  15. H says:

    ahha done got mine alredy bitch! by d time i dun watch it lamel. i jus might b outside ure door. w-a-i-t-i-n-g. hopefully i don gota come for ya thoa

  16. Mario says:

    I must say, I love how each Claymore uses Yoki in her tactics & attacks differently.

  17. T. says:

    #16 = Great Episode!
    I agree with Mario on the Attacks its, good stuff.

  18. H says:

    yup that las episode was tight fuh real. so brutal! loves it!!!
    Lamel i will allow u to live.

  19. 1ndigo says:

    nice EP.
    The stories are getting pretty good.
    Clare better kick some ass on the next EP

  20. Lamel says:

    haha @ H, like u coulda really do me something!!, ep 17….we await you..!

  21. Lamel says:


  22. H of the Faint Smile says:

    Lamel.>>>> watch it yuh

  23. 1ndigo says:

    ep 17 = NICE
    So does Clare have a single digit pet now?

  24. 1ndigo says:

    Clare and Ichigo have a lot of similarities

    They both started with someone else power
    ichigo took Rukia’s – Clare took Teresa’s

    They both almost turnd
    Ichigo to hollow – Clare almost awakens

    Theyre both the underdog of the story. Looking like theyre weak but coming out like the hero

    and… and.. oh!
    and they both have a sword! heh. Sorry. Cant come up with any more. i had a clear argument when i started but lost it on the way… lame

  25. Lamel says:

    lol @ single digit pet now, ep 18 was so hawt…isnt it wednesday yet *CANT WAIT FOR 19*

  26. T. says:

    Man i really hope they make more than 26 episodes of this

  27. H of the Faint Smile says:

    claymore claymore claymore. i really n truly love this series. cant wait to see how it all ends

  28. Mario says:

    Claymore is in ur face, pwning ur guildieeezzz. lol. Claymore is awesome. But um, whats up with that Yoma, the one that manipulates them using their own Yoki. Haven’t we seen him before? With a Claymore? or some who looks alot like him?

  29. Lamel says:

    hmmm….H sad to say, but itll end with a cliffhangar…

  30. Lamel says:

    where is my ep 19?

  31. Mario says:

    Ep 19 is out now 🙂 Lamel, your torrent speeds playing around? Its just for torrents *something is decidely fishy* I’m currently grabbing it of IRC, XDCC (ye olden way of leeching)

  32. Lamel says:

    lol, i now get home and i see it in the leeching…

  33. 1ndigo says:

    Wheres ep 20 peeps?

  34. T. says:

    Damn! i’m not 100% sure but i think Claymore got Licensed!

  35. 1ndigo says:

    Couldnt they wait til ep 26!!!
    Yo T. can you find out. and if it did get licenced, what fansub will still do them?
    I mean we still get Naruto and Bleach and theyre licenced.
    wheres your fine ass and big ass sword!

  36. Lamel says:

    *has seen ep 20 of claymore:D:D:D:D:D*, the translator for the group mother board died, so no new claymore..but *has the HOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!*

  37. Mario says:

    What? Claymore 20? Where? Who?…Aggghh *blood itches, scratches arm furiously* I need my Claymore fix!

  38. 1ndigo says:

    c’mon LAMEL.
    where the fuk did you get claymore?

    hook US up

  39. Mario says:

    Claymore 20 Out!… Leeching as I make this post 😀

  40. T. says:

    Wow, 21 is our already.

  41. Luca says:

    noob question: is claymore a nevereding anime like bleach or a 26 eps ark one?

  42. T. says:

    Luca its going to be a 26 episode arc but theres always the Manga to indulge yourself in when the animated series is over.

  43. H of the Faint Smile says:

    omg omg!!!! *freakin’ out* ep 19 was nice.. but Easley is hot!!! n priscilla..omg omg… ep 21.. i dont think i can wait:S:S..this is getttin quite interesting. plus raki is so in the middle of this battle.. hmmm…

  44. H of the Faint Smile says:

    ep 21!!! man this is bare action … great episode

  45. Lamel says:

    H like she fall off for 2 weeks doe..

  46. Danniels says:

    hey guys just wondering, is the manga about the same as the animer series…or does it have more like a continuation after the apisode 26 of the anime…i just freaking love this anime…i check everyday for new episodes altho i noe it only comes out 1 a week 😦 im a sicko

  47. H of the Faint Smile says:

    lAMEL… H aint fall off nowhere. i was “away” producing episode 26-30 for claymore ok.. i was busy….

    n claymore …omg … i really duno if i cud wait cus each week this jus gettin more axxiony. and that silver eyed lion is sooooooooooooo sexy omgggg

  48. H of the No Smile says:

    i ♥ claymore!!!

  49. Randomnwguy (Dantex3) says:

    i think it go’s on after i read the last one it 2 unknown chars and it was only like half a story

  50. Nihility says:

    Claymore and Bleach in my opinion are the best of the new anime series. And also Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchō and Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchō: Tō Dai Ni Maku (Second Act). (Official Japanese site)

  51. T. says:

    Thanks Nihility i’ll check he series out tonight

  52. Lamel says:

    claymore stopped following the manga (N)

  53. Nihility says:

    Yes it did. But this is a interesting twist. Almost a what if alternate ending.

  54. T. says:

    Ah, i just watched the first 4 mins of Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchō.. seems perdy nice.

  55. Nihility says:

    Yea, I like it alot cause it’s somewhat different. Also you can get into the characters. And above all else….the intro is metal….can’t argue with that.

  56. T. says:

    Tokyo Majin Gakuen Kenpuchō! ive only watched 4 episodes its kinda random and doesnt really explain whats going on but i’m still enjoying it

  57. T. says:

    This weeks Claymore was amazing! Unfortunately theres only 1 more episode left… i can’t wait to see the outcome

  58. Nihility says:

    It explains towards the middle cause the 1st 2 eps I believe are based in the future and after that they recap to that point and beyond.

  59. Lamel says:

    MR T only time ya can get hold of u is through here?

  60. Don Cheo says:

    One Episode to GO!

  61. Lamel says:

    lol @ claymore

  62. T. says:

    I was do a post of Claymore’s grand finale but that weak ending it totally not worth it!
    I was really disappointed i highly suggest reading the Manga though. check it out on

  63. Nihility says:

    I’m pretty sure they will make a season 2. As to how well it relates to the manga is anyones guess.

  64. 1ndigo says:

    How much disapointment.
    Im DL now. Lets see whats going on

  65. 1ndigo says:

    you should do a post anyways…
    the rest of the series was pretty good. Even if the ending wasnt that great, it would be cool to have a page to discuss how bad it was. Hehe

  66. H of the No Smile says:

    wow claymore…. sad its over althought the finale was a lil softer than i’d hoped for. despite that ive truly enjoyed the season. and the manga is a great read!!! (or just fun to look at) 🙂

  67. Nihility says:

    I think it’s just a set up for season 2. I in all honesty thought the ending was ok as long as there is a season 2. For 1 you had your big fight and now you have the 3 Claymores going out training against the Organization, Clare and Riki (Spelling?) reunited, and Isely and Priscilla moving towards the other Abyssal One. So I don’t see the real bad in it. So long as it continues, if it doesn’t….flame away please.

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