Dramatic Chipmunk is taking over!

Dramatic Chipmunk

And so, here it is (insert dramatic music here) the now infamous Prairie dog, referred by most as the Dramatic Chipmunk is taking over the net. This 5 second video is becoming very popular, very fast with many remixes and user created videos on YouTube.
And now (insert dramatic music here) he’s is also a T-Shirt set to ship next week. I want one… just for the dramatic effect.

Check it
BustedTees Shirt
The Drama in all His Glory


3 Responses to Dramatic Chipmunk is taking over!

  1. chipmonk lover says:

    Love that chipmonk. So stupid. But so fucking funny. I’m def getting a shirt

  2. T. says:

    Haha! thats so funny!

  3. H says:

    what! this shit is crazy ..

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