Desktop Defense v1.5


Desktop Defense is back! New Interface, new Ink, Snap & Boost Towers, new Morph & Dark Creeps, new Trickle. Same old Fun! (( Bring it on you little @#$%&’s !!! ))

If you haven’t played it go now! Play Desktop Defense

PS: If you get a high score submit it under Group name: INKDROP


2 Responses to Desktop Defense v1.5

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Its a nice lil upgrade.
    I like how you dont have to keep selecting the wepon you wanna buy over and over like b4.
    Now just select it once and buy as many as you want.

    Lil detail, but it makes it easier to focus on the fun.


  2. H says:

    this game is amazing!! wow. its super addictive too!

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