iPhone Guided Tour

iPhone Tour

Ok peeps, lets get our thumbs ready and begin training. As you know Apple’s iPhone will be available to the masses tomorrow at 6PM. So I’m pretty sure that the nerds people that really want it won’t be reading this and are already making the long line to get it. For the rest of us, here’s a 24 minute Guided Tour on how it works and how to use it.

By next week we will really know if the buzz was worth.. well … the buzz.

Check it
iPhone Guided Tour


24 Responses to iPhone Guided Tour

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Apple is very smart by doing this right before the product release. It not only educates you on a few of the phone features, it also builds a bigger buzz and more interest on the products.

    Im excited to see how it will all pan out

  2. Shoney says:

    OK. I need to rant a little. I am a huge apple fan first of all.

    Here is why I WON’T be buying an iPhone anytime soon and the fools that DO will be disappointed.

    1. No replaceable battery. Battery will only last 300 charges and then you need to replace it.

    2. No Bluetooth 2.0 (A2DP) For those of you who think you will be ably to listen to your iPhone with wireless headphones or stream your music to a bluetooth receiver or speakers . . . you will find out that you cannot. I hope you all like having cords dangling around your waist.

    3. Iphone does not have a video camera. Heck, my 3 year old SLVR L7 does!!!

    4. iPhone cannot send PICTURE messages. ??? Why the heck not?

    5. iPhone does not have removeable storage. you are limited to whatever is inside. All phones should have sd or micro SD. This way you can save your movies and music onlittle disks instead of filling up your phones capacity.

    6. You cannot make custom ringtones from mp3’s or anything like that. Apple is in the works to sell ringtines from their itunes website for the same price as you could buy a ringtone.

    7. You cannot copy and paste text anywhere.

    8. $599 and you can’t even get insurance on the device.

    9. What good is having access to youtube if you can’t even capture and upload video from the iphone?

    10. Limited applications. They rave about how the applications are amazing. I don’t consider calenders, stocks widget, notes, settings, clocks or weather programs I will use all the time. That’s why i have a watch and why I can look in the sky to see the weather.

    whew. All that said, I reccommend the Motorola ROKR E6 as a replacement. It has everything the iPhone doesn’t have PLUS fm tuner and touchscreen for half the price.

  3. T. says:

    Those are some very good points, some i wasnt even aware of. I will say though…TONS ons of people will buy this iPhone regardless, and every 4 months a “new” iPhone be released with one extra feature and Apple will make tons of money.

  4. Ryan says:

    Ok – here I go…

    Shoney, you make a COUPLE of good points… BUT personally, I don’t think you are accurate on MOST of them… I’m only mentioning ones that would be more important to me.

    Good points:
    #1 – no replacement batter – you are right – HUGE negative.
    #8 – no insurace – yea, another HUGE negative.

    Not so good points:
    #2 – NO Bluetooth 2.0, ok it DOES have bluetooth 2.0 + EDR. Maybe you won’t be able to listen to music over your wireless headphones, but can you do that with the motorola ROKR E6? However, you will be able to have wireless headphones for the phone, so I could be wrong, but I don’t see why you’d be able to use your phone with wireless headphones, but not listen to music.

    #4 – iPhone can’t send photos – Umm, how about emailing photos. Yea, even ones taken with the camera.

    #10 – Limited applications, well yea – I mean it’s pretty new… I’m sure that in like 2 months from now, things would be different. Way different.

    These are the points that matter most to me. All others are, perhaps, in one’s particular taste.

    Well, my 2 cents – I’m out.

  5. Shoney says:


    Thanks for your feedback.

    #2 Just because it has bluetooth doesn’t mean you can stream in stereo. It clearly says that Things iPhone does the iPhone does not have A2DP which is required to send music in stereo to a bluetooth source.
    Even now I have a bluetooth earpiece, but it won’t let me hear the music from my itunes phone (SLVR L7) it only works in Mono when i am on calls. This is the main reason I wanted an iPhone.
    I could be wrong. i’ll have to look into the EDR thing more, but If I AM wrong, don’t you think APPLE would be advertising the point that they could use their apple hi-FI with this phone?

    Also did I mention there is no flash support or voice recognition for calling people.

    #4 I haven’t confirmed it cause i don’t have on obviously . . . but I gor that info from this list here which was on the gizmodo.com website.


    Things iPhone does not have

    • Songs as Ringtones
    • Games
    • Any flash support
    • Instant Messaging
    • Picture messages (MMS)
    • Video recording
    • Voice recognition or voice dialing
    • Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Streaming (A2DP)
    • One-size-fits-all headset jack (May have to buy an adapter for certain headphones)

    Stuff we already knew it didn’t have
    • 3G (EV-DO/HSDPA)
    • GPS
    • A real keyboard
    • Removable battery
    • Expandable Storage
    • Direct iTunes Music Store Access (Over Wi-Fi or EDGE)

  6. Shoney says:

    OK. More bad news. I looked it up. EDR is nothing more than enhanced data rate. Whoopty doo.

    On the Bluetooth front, rumors that the phone would not support stereo Bluetooth streaming popped up around the Web as soon as it was revealed that there was no A2DP support, but it’s now been confirmed that the iPhone only offers mono Bluetooth audio output (essentially for headset use). This means you won’t be able to wirelessly stream tunes from the iPhone to one of the many new and improving Bluetooth stereo headphones or Bluetooth speakers. Fans of the cordless headphone concept (I am one) should be a little upset over this because most so-called multimedia phones offer stereo Bluetooth audio output.

  7. Joel says:

    But it has a shinny apple logo in the back! i just want it to make calls and watch porn. the rest are extras!

  8. Ryan says:

    Hey Sean,

    Loving this feedingback thing… Ok, I see your points – and are good. But, I will say this. This is an Apple product. And what is one of the facts that Apple is known for? Well, in one word – REVISIONS*. For example, I bought and iMac G5 (no integrated camera) 2 years ago in Aug, my mother then bought one the following Sept and it came with the Intel Core (not duo) and with integrated cam – umm, that’s only 3 weeks apart from each other. Same thing with the iPod when it went from the 20gb to the 30gb (or whatever it was).

    The iPhone is not even out yet and it has all these “flaws”. Well, remember, a lot of these “flaws” are software based, which means a simple software update will fix that, just like it works on an iPod. I’m 100% sure that by the time this phones comes out, there will already be software updates available. It runs on MacOS X, so that makes it reliable. And, eventhough you may see this as a problem (which it could be for some that will buy it tomorrow), in 4-6 months, there will be a REVISED* version of the phone.

    *The words “REVISIONS” and “REVISED” are used very freely in this statement. These may not be the best words to describe the meaning, but I’ve been working in advertising too damn long.



  9. shoney says:

    Well, I’ll say this. You are right on target with the whole ‘Apple will suck you dry of all your money’ thing. They definitely have a history of refining products based on consumers demand . . . but at their own pace. . . caugh caugh . . did I say pace? I meant profit.

    The one great thing coming out of this is the beginning of a new are af mobile electronics. I am happy apple is laying the foundation of a great product to come. For people like Joel, this is worth standing in line for. But for my 50 gigs of music in the 21st century, I would expect for $700 to at least get 60 gigs of storage in “The worlds greatest music & multimedia device”

    Peace out!!

  10. shoney says:

    And how did you know my name was Sean? Creepy stuff.

  11. 1ndigo says:

    They are all great points
    there flaws, and there are benefits.
    Most people see it as a toy, and with the whole CULT FOLLOWING Apple has Im pretty sure there are lines forming that are blocks long.
    But for the informed and demanding consumers like Shoney, there are features that need to be met that the iPhone does not provide… YET
    Me, ill wait a couple of years when the whole iPhone thing has worked its thing out and most tweeks and upgrades are better.
    But like Ryan said, knowing Apple and their “UPGRADE HAPPY” ways, by the time i do buy one a NEW IMPROOVED iPhone will be released 2 weeks later.

    Lets wait and see

  12. Joel says:

    Hey! I’m the guy that replaced his DVD player for an Apple TV! ; )

    Now netflix hates me, because I get the 3 DVD on a wednesday, rip them in 2 days, send them back on friday, get new DVD’s on tuesday… and I will watch the movies at my own pace. Love it how my queue is dry at this time!!!!

    About the iphone, I may get one if I don’t get screwed with the family plan. I have the cash for the phone itself but it’s the commitment per month that kills it. besides… what other device let’s you pinch with 2 fingers to zoom a photo!!!????
    T minus 25:50 hours!

  13. LucyFur says:

    What really irritates me is that you HAVE to go with AT&T – I realize MOST phone manufacturers have deals setup like this with the providers – But it’s annoying that if you want XXX phone you must use XXX provider, and of course unless you want to get charged $200/month, they lock you into a 2 or 3 year contract – so now when iPhone or the next cool phone to come out after that, BAM, you still have a year or more left on your last contract.
    Freakin cell phone industry. They need to hurry up and invent the teleporter (like in Star Trek) so we can just beam on over and talk face to face, not to mention make traffic obsolete.

  14. shoney says:

    Isn’t it funny too how the phone’s battery will only last 300 charges yet the contract you sign is for 2 years. I know most people will be charging it every time they get near an outlet and you could have 6 months left with a dead battery in your phone.

    Also the AT&T thing is right. I’ll be honest, i actuall like AT&T. The customer service is pretty good, however, it just doesn’t seem right that we are on lockdown. I wonder what will happen when someone steals your phone or it breaks from dropping. Will we have to pay a premium all of a sudden to finish the second year on our contract.

    Another thing I was thinking of . . . I have one really good phone and one crappy phone. When i go to the beach or go sailing/wakeboarding out in the water, I usually take out my sim card and put it in my cheap phone so I don’t lose my expensive one. This couldn’t be done with the iPhone. I don’t feel comfortable taking this thing everywhere with me when i don’t always need a computer in my pocket. I wish there was a wy you could get an additional sim card so another phone would work with the account.

  15. 1ndigo says:

    it didnt go so well on the MORNING SHOW today on an iPhone promo they did.
    to funny…

    Check it out here

    And so it starts

  16. Joel says:

    Got one. Love it. but I’m an Apple-whore. Need to go back and buy another one for the wife. she’s in love.
    After using it for a while, anything else looks (and feels) ancient.

  17. T. says:

    So…..anyone have the iPhone yet?

  18. Joel says:

    see post above

  19. shoney says:

    Joel!!! How can you waste $600 on an iPhone when You can buy a Blu-Ray PS3 system for $100 cheaper at Circuit city?! lol.

    I BOUGHT MYSLEF THE MOTOROLA E6 for $300 onlin (unlocked on amazon quad band) and I wouldn’t trade it for an iphone at all. The FM Radio sounds GREAT on the loudspeaker and I can record my own sounds to use as ringtones. The stylus works great and
    I also saved $300 by not buying from apple. I’m going to save that $300 so in 6 months I can buy an iPhone . . . it should be around that price and also it should have 60 gigs in it!!!

  20. T. says:

    I saw some chicks during lunch with some iphones they looked so nice. I just wanted to hold & caress them all. Oh yea.. the phones looked cool too.

  21. Joel says:

    Hi Shoney!

    Are you nuts? I didn’t pay 600 for the iphone. I had to buy another one for the wife too!


    at least she has the same taste as i do… and that’s a chick I can caress and hold all day long.

  22. H says:

    found this very intense review on the iPhone. it makes an interesting read.

  23. 1ndigo says:

    For you iPhone lovers… dont watch this if youre faint of heart

    OUCH! 😦

  24. H of the Faint Smile says:

    so on the news they said that the iphone sales/ activation were very dissappointing and as a result apple shares dropped more than 6% this past tuesday. in addition, they havent recovered the money that they spent on mareketting the phone…..
    thats interesting

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