Bleach:Memories of Nobody DVD Release Date


News Update:
A second Bleach movie will be premiering in Japan in December 2007. And Bleach: Memories of Nobody will be released on DVD September 5th, 2007


19 Responses to Bleach:Memories of Nobody DVD Release Date

  1. Lamel says:

    september is tooooooooooo far, but good news to hear about new bleach movie

  2. H says:

    im goin to go ahead n leave this random comment right here: i really like the way the site looks these days. i;m very impressed. good job guys!

  3. 1ndigo says:

    thank you H
    you know, when you wanna leave a comment about us, say hello or what ever you wanna tell us, you can do it in the ABOUT page.

    Maybe we can make a “say hello page” for stuff like that?
    What you think T.

  4. emily says:

    noo way… i cant wait! 🙂 this site rocks :p

  5. T. says:

    For ALL you Bleach Fans you have to check out Claymore
    See Post.

  6. Kieri says:

    T is right, Claymore is just as bad-ass only there are no awesome shinigami’s. T, you ever wonder what’s going on with Raku?

  7. ILoveRukiaSoMuch!!!!! says:

    I wanna see Rukia fight! She’s my favorite = ) (I’m a boy so… Hehehehe >= )) SHOW SOME BUTT RUKIA!! OMG! KAWAII!!! Rukia’s the hottest anime character ever! WHO’S WITH ME???

    Well BACK OFF you DESPERATE MEN!! She’s to cool for anyone else! Lol…
    No really, she’s the coolest because she’s the hottest looking anime character to have ever been made. Especially her hair. He hair is pretty hot too. (I sound like a big pervert… a pervert because of RUKIA!!!)
    OMG! SEPTEMBER IS SO CLOSE!!!! That’s only……… 1.. 2… HHH!!! 21 DAYS AWAY!! YAAAAAY~! (I’m going to look for some pics of Rukia! BWAHAHAHA! No really, I am… Ichigo better end up with Rukia somehow, not INOUE!!!!) Omg! This should’ve come out already.. Heheh..

  8. ILoveRukiaSoMuch!!!!! - Jesse says:

    Lol, I’m never like that unless I think of Rukia. I’m a noraml anime geek, but when I hear, see or think about Rukia, I’m like OMG! RUKIA? SHE’S SO FUCKIN HOT! I’d fuck her for the rest of my life1 24/7! or or! 24/7/30/265/??? Meaning 24 hours a day! 7 days a week! 30 days a month! 265 days a year! ??? FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hitman21 says:

    Great site! Thanks for the update, I’ve been wating for this. You’re right T, Claymore is Awsome!

  10. T. says:

    Hey thanks for all the feedback, ive been missing action for a while but im back to chat with you fellow anime junkies.

    Kieri – U mentioned Raki im not sure what underlaying role he plays yet ( ive cheated and started reading the manga)

    ILoveRukiaSoMuch!!!!! – Wow i guess you love Rukia uh.. Yep September is almost here and we almost have a bleach movie in our palms.. i’ll be sure to post it as soon as it comes out.

    – Claymore is awesome im almost sad cuz its only 26 episodes but after its all done ill post on where you can read the Manga 🙂 ( i don’t want to spoil it for ya)

    Also you guys can start chatting on the claymore thread if you like Inkdrop/Claymore

  11. Tuan says:

    wow that is one weird guy! lol! I can say that when u watch the first 20 episode u can fall in love with her, but not that much!

    Dude T read this

    P.s. sept 5th cant wait!!!!!

  12. T. says:

    Tuan! That link is awesome! For a theory its extremely detailed… I have a new respect for the Naruto series now! good find man.

    Do you read the Naruto Manga?

  13. aliendude5300 says:

    Release Tomorrow! Looking forward to it!!! Can’t wait for the English subbed version!

  14. […] FINALLY after such a long time Bleach: Memories of Nobody comes out on DVD. Lets see how long it takes to hit the torrent […]

  15. cody says:

    rukia is hot, but so is soi fon and yoruichi

    i cant wait for the dvd to be released

  16. MAC says:

    ALL YOU PEOPLE SUCK COCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  18. Omar Babich says:

    You know I don’t really

  19. glasnost says:

    Well Done! I Like it!

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