StarCraft 2

Blizzard has done it again! This sequel to the ever so popular Starcraft franchise looks amazing, boasting a full 3d environment along with a next gen game engine that allows for tons characters on screen at once this ones a must get. No release date set.

If you missed the popular Terran video here it is: Low|HD
StarCraft 2 Official site


3 Responses to StarCraft 2

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Holy Shit
    The trailer detail and craftmanship is amazing!
    This game is gonna kick ass

    On the official site, when you scroll all the way down on the page, i love how they did that little detail. how you can see the planets thru the site.
    Its just me… i like that attention to detail.

  2. Lamel says:


  3. T. says:

    yea the site is really well done… you guys should check out the demo video on the site.. it really explains the gameplay mechanics.

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