Blender 2.44 (Free 3d App)


*Birds chirping as you get out of bed* “ im going to explore the wonderful world of 3d… I think i’m gonna get a Maya or even 3ds Max just to see what its all about. WTF!? $3000 for a program?”

Well….If that’s you Blender is here for you, it has all the features of the big 3d apps including RayTracing by YAFRAY, Global Lighting, SSS (sub surface scattering), Game Dev Tools, Animation tools & Extensive modeling and shader controls and did I mention its FREE?.

Built on the new Python scripting language Blender runs on all platforms (Linux, Mac OSX & Windows) & there is tons of support online i even found some great video tutorials on Walker Creations

I do suggest you download the Python Language for all the blender features to run



2 Responses to Blender 2.44 (Free 3d App)

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Ill have to DL and play with it
    great find
    Thanx T.

  2. T. says:

    Yea even if you don’t get into all the tools you can still use it for Product mockups or elements for you print work.

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