LOST Connections


LOST Season Finaly was great. After the disappointing HEROES finale I needed the excitement and LOST brought it back.
Now we have a lot of time til they come back in February, so this will help refresh our memory and probably enlighten some loose ends on how everyone in the island is connected to each other. In LOST CONNECTIONS you have all the stories and videos on how each cast member has affected someone else in the past.

Check it
Season Finale


3 Responses to LOST Connections

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Holy shit that ep was fun.
    Are you sure its not starting till Feb?
    Thats a very loooong time to wait for it.
    thats like a year and shit.

  2. Lamel says:

    *hasnt watch lost since season 2 ep 22* am i missing anything?

  3. T. says:

    hmm i still have never watched Lost.

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