Live Free or Die Hard


Here comes McClain again to kick some terrorists ass, with some help from the MAC guy.
There’s been some buzz about the movie being rated PG-13, and even Bruce Willis himself has been in the internet sticking up for the movie. We’ll have to wait and see.
Meantime, you be the judge.

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5 Responses to Live Free or Die Hard

  1. 1ndigo says:

    I really got into the whole “is Walter B really Bruce Willis” thing for a while. I Read thru until i saw the iChat picture. I just thought it was nice to see that hes getting down and dirty with the nerds.
    And the movie looks cool, no matter the rating BS.

  2. Lamel says:

    yippe ka ye mutha f*cker!….mclain is back!

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  4. T. says:

    Wooot! LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD! Best action movie i’ve seen this summer! lots of fun! go see it!

  5. H says:

    most axxxion ever! this movie was really friggin good. enjoyed every moment of it. i just wanted to jump into the movie n b part of the action! Lol.

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