99 Rooms in CD-Rom


99 Rooms is an interactive journey that takes you thru different rooms fiiled with awesome photography, and a dark atmospheric soundtrack. This is a moody, dark experience that might take you an hour or two to fully enjoy it. The point is to go thru all 99 rooms to the end. Each room having something different to offer. Some you just click thru, others you have to find your way out. HINT: you can always hit your spacebar to skip.

This is not new, its been out since June/06, but now you can buy the experience on CD-Rom and get a few extra features. Im strongly considering buying a copy, so I wanted to share with you guys.

Turn off the lights, turn the speakers up high. Sit back and enjoy the journey.

Check it


One Response to 99 Rooms in CD-Rom

  1. wormazz says:

    Maybe anyone have CD? I can’t find it in torrents ;(

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