Fantastic Four – New Trailer

Fantastic Four

New trailer for Rise of the Silver Surfer.

Check it
Movie Trailer


5 Responses to Fantastic Four – New Trailer

  1. Lamel says:

    i think i jus soiled myself, each new gets better and better, W0000T!

  2. Ryan C. says:

    Gotta go take care of something… In the meantime, I enjoyed this trailer way more than the last one. I just hope that it doesn’t get to the point where they give out all of the coolest effects/scene bits so that when you go see the movie, you just see all of the fill-ins. Great stuff though… Can’t wait to see it!!! Gotta go to the little boy’s room now.

  3. 1ndigo says:

    you know… wtf
    they are showing sooooo many “exclusive” trailers on TV and on the net that im starting to get disappointed with it.
    Theyre showing almost the WHOLE MOVIE
    so again i say 2 u… WFT

  4. […] looks a little skinny in this picture, and I dont really like how she looks as Invisible Woman in Fantastic 4. But that ass… post […]

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