Cut & Paste 06 – NY

Cut&Paste 06

Yeah I know, Im a little late on this, sorry I just found out. But hey, its still News if you didn’t know about it. Plus I wanted to give a big CONGRATS to Guillo on winning Cut & Paste 06 in New York.

Cut&Paste is the live digital design competition that pits eight of their city’s best graphic designers against each other in an elimination battle of creativity, technical expertise, and wit. The competitors will work live on stage, in front of an audience and panel of expert judges. An MC will host the festivities and a soundtrack will be provided by hometown favorite DJs .

Sounds cool huh? Interesting concept. And great performance by Designers and DJs. A definite must see. Take a look at the photos and videos from last years event and see what’s it all about. I hear they’re visiting more cities this year, even overseas. Not coming down to FL tho… bastards.
Keep an eye open for them, and go see the show if you get a chance.

Check it
Cut& Ep 55


3 Responses to Cut & Paste 06 – NY

  1. T. says:

    I love the idea of that artist showdown. and i love the creativity of the artist.
    we should so something like this but just for fun no competition

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  3. […] Check it Cut& Past Events – Cut & Paste 06 […]

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