Once upon a Forest


Beautiful abstract visuals by one of my favorite artist. A combination of illustration and generative programming created by media pioneer Joshua Davis. In this fantasy world, Maruto takes you on a visual journey where random algorithms try to create aesthetically beautiful illustrations.

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Once Upon a Forest


2 Responses to Once upon a Forest

  1. 1ndigo says:

    This is all about the visual experience.
    Joshua Davis created a Flash based program that creates illustrations and Artwork by itself. He inputs the parameters, like size and limits, then the app creates the artwork by itself. Its interesting to see the apps interpretation.

    Ill probably do a post on Joshua Davis and go in more detail.

    Once-upon-a-forest.com is one of the first projects he started working on. Early on it was more into user interactions and action=reaction topic. Now it has evolved and is focused more on the visuals

  2. […] creator of sites like Once Upon a Forrest discusses with Apple how he creates his “dynamic abstractions” and the steps and process he […]

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