Casper Electronics – New Logo

Casper Electronics - New Logo

I know probably most of you, if not all of you, don’t have any idea what Casper Electronics is. Well, me either. Until my friend Jose Thomas sent me an email letting me know his Logo design was picked to be the new ID for it. Congrats my friend.
Logo design is a tricky one. Its not as simple as many might think it is. Theres a lot of thought that goes into creating the ID, the visual icon that will represent that company. Plus it goes in everything and everywhere. Having said that, my first impresion of the logo was not the best. Its playfull and very simple, but Im very familiar with Joseto’s work and I was curious to why he went the direction he did. So I studied the company a little. Then it made perfect sense, and I wouldn’t make it any other way. It goes perfect with the company’s style and branding. Great Job Joseto!

Casper Electronics is a very unique company. This guy takes old electronics, mostly discarded toys, and remakes and modifies them into music/sound intruments. This is called circuit bending. Its very interesting, it producess a unique sound. It reminds me of NIN or new Drum & Bass tracks.
Take a look at how its done and visit the site. Some of the finished pieces have sound samples too. My faves are the SPEAK & SPELL pieces.

Check it
Casper New Logo
Casper Interview


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