Eduardo Cintron – The Good People

Eduardo Cintron - The Good People

My good friend Eduardo Cintron had a performance this past January @ EXIT ART in NY.

“The Good People” explores human behavior in a context in which people have the option of violating norms and challenging expectations without a sense of accountability.

In other words, breaking the rules that usually apply when you go see art… DO NOT TOUCH. Here, the point is to be part of the performance by not following the norms and destroying the artist’s work.

He just Posted a video on his site, along with some pictures and a good description of the thought behind the performance.

Check it
The Good People


3 Responses to Eduardo Cintron – The Good People

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Talked to him today. hes doing good. busy, but aren’t we all?
    But good busy. Hes also working on original music, and will soon release his first independent album. Classical, instrumental songs.

    You can check it at MySpace.

    Ill do a post soon with more details about it.

  2. Lunna SS says:

    Well… I saw the video of his work… It is a demonstration of how he continue working, while others enjoy destroying your effort… You see the little girl and the young woman?
    But that is part of the life, that is the reality? Reality that we must fight to stay strong.
    When you speak again with Eduardo, please send to him, our greetings and affection of always.
    (Excuse my english, I hope you understand my thoughts.)

  3. […] Eduardo’s CD Debut, Looking for thread, a needle got lost, has been released. Classical sound compositions make this CD perfect for relaxing, while having a little wine, or beer. […]

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