A buddy wanted me to create an eCard. I said sure, what you have in mind? So he sent me the link to Karnivool’s eCard… doods… from the first notes from their song THEMATA I knew it was something good. And the video is not bad. love the fly. Another veed going on my PSP.

So I just wanted to share it with you guys. They come from down unda. Thats Australia if you were wondering. They will debut on the US with THEMATA, releasing this April under Bieler Records, the same peeps that signed Ankla, Skindred & Nonpoint among others.

Check it
Themata Music Video
Karnivool Site


5 Responses to Karnivool

  1. H says:

    i really like the video. it has a profound simplicity. the song is nice too. wasn’t bad for a first listen.

  2. T. says:

    I’M loving THEMATA!!! & Im loving this band!, good find 1ndigo

  3. Lamel says:

    i like

  4. 1ndigo says:

    me too!!!

  5. […] The lineup so far includes: NONPOINT – SKINDRED – ANKLA – and one of my favorites, KARNIVOOL […]

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