Adobe CS3 Packages


Amazon leaked some of the prices for the 11 Adobe CS3 bundles…. but who cares!?
Look at the LSD inspired packages!

Source: Gizmodo
More Info: Apple Insider


6 Responses to Adobe CS3 Packages

  1. 1ndigo says:

    cool header.
    so CS3 is a reality now. No more BETA.

    This is the first release since Adobe and Macromedia merged. So lets see how that goes. But lets talk about the packaging!!!
    1st Impression… hmmm. Mixed feelings actually. Definetely eye catching. I Like the strong use of colors. Big contrast between the packaging design and the simplicity of the Program icons. Sets them appart.

  2. ... says:

    hee hee lsd! ‘shrooms comes to mind!

  3. joe says:

    Hopefully their are some actually notable changes this time.

  4. T. says:

    3d feature for photoshop is PIMP
    Check it out

  5. T. says:

    just want to leave a rant: Adobe Bridge (for PC at least) sucks!!!

  6. Don Cheo says:

    You suck
    Bridge ROCKs for document previewing.
    Maybe your computer sux too

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