344 Daily Monster – Open Source Monsters

100 Daily Mosters

The Daily Monsters have come to an end. Well, it did back in February, but we missed it.
So I went to visit the page and see how our little monsters were doing and first, i was surprised it had come to an end at Monster 100. But I was pleasently suprised to see he is now letting us create our own creatures!

Stefan G. Bucher from 344, the illustrator of the Daily Monsters is giving you the initial inkblot, and you go from there! Why dont we all download the open source and submit your little monster!

Check it
344 Daily Monster – Open Source Monsters
344 Design


2 Responses to 344 Daily Monster – Open Source Monsters

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Stefan is a great artist
    he has a great portfolio of work and illustration.
    And the Lil monster buddys are so cool…
    When he publishes the book its gonna be a must have.

    You can prolly have it on the coffee table on the loft!!!

  2. Ylia blog says:


    Ich nicht ferschtein this articklees

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