300 Spartans

After months of drooling over the trailer. Months of wearing a loincloth while brushing up on your sword skills Yelling “This is Sparta!” We get to see the epic battle at Thermopylae! Out in theaters TODAY!

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(in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months)


11 Responses to 300!

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Im wearing my loincloth right now!

    those guys trained like crazy… go watch the video logs on the site. They go into detail on all aspects of the movie.

    Heres a lil recap behind the scenes featurette

  2. 1ndigo says:

    this movie is so amazing. I left the theater wanting a shield and sword and the need to fight. I had my loincloth under my jeans so I was READY!!! all for SPARTA!!!

    All the movie was missing was a cameo from KRATOS and it would be the greatest ever.

    But seriously, I wanna watch it again. WHO’S COMMING WITH ME!!!

  3. T. says:

    Best Movie Ever! If you disagree.. well… 299 peeps & I will come and kick your ass!

  4. […] Spartans are kicking ass!!! And Kratos is one bad motha– shot ur mouth… Loved the 1st game, very happy the 2nd one is out. Blood, violence, awesome weapons, and one badass Spartan to put it all together. […]

  5. […] you seen the movie yet? If you haven’t you should make plans to go watch it. In my opinion, 300 is one of the best action movies EVER! Even the end credits kick ass. I stayed in my seat til the […]

  6. LucyFur says:

    OK, finally saw the movie – I’d rate it a B to B+… one of the reasons it loses some points is that the first 15 minutes or so is entirely in slow motion – that really bugged me – it lost some of it’s dramatic moments because the slo mo was done in overkill. And speaking of overkill, how about those airbrushed ab shots – yeesh! The other thing lacking in the movie is the dialogue – rather weak, although the story did makes its needed points. I guess I just got a little tired of hearing Leonidas yelling – and wassup with his teeth? Did they really have Crest whitening strips back then? Also in general, several of the battle scenes lacked the kind of drama other epic movies have displayed (such as Gladiator and Braveheart) – it’s almost like it was pure visual stimulation without regard to “i’m really concerned that they can pull this off…”.

    My favorite 2 parts were when Leonidas was kicking ass in a “seemingly” single shot, whipping about 15-20 unfortunate souls from a side view, and the battle where the long-haired blonde dude and the captain’s son double-teamed a bunch more unfortunate loozers from Xerxes elite squad. Xerxes was a pretty evil bitch – and I do mean bitch, he looked pretty gay with those painted on eyebrows – but i guess it’s hard to make fun of a 9 foot tall ruler with millions of soldiers at his disposal.

    The queen (Leonidas’ wife) was developed nicely, perhaps the most in-depth character in the movie IMO – I wouldn’t want to fuck with her.

    The effects were amazing, some of the most stylized and visually orgasmic cinema to hit the screen in years.

    This is a must see on the big screen, and I reckon the DVD extras will be awesome.

  7. T. says:

    Awesome Review Lucyfur. id shank Leonidas’ wife too

  8. 1ndigo says:

    LOL…. nice!
    Thats a long ass review LucyFur.
    Me, Im easy to please. I loved the movie.
    And yes, Leonida’s wife was a bad ass.

  9. Lamel says:

    it starts….for us on the 28th, finally:)

  10. Lamel says:


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