Afro Samurai


Afro Samurai is a five-part animated series which Executive producer Samuel L. Jackson adapted from Takashi Okazaki’s original manga. Afro Samurai aired on Spike TV back in January but reruns are still going on, Im still waiting to see the last chapter. Filled with Fancy swordplay and a Bad Ass Samurai if you haven’t seen it you gotta check it out, Thursdays @ 11PM and a new episode Airs on Wednesday 28th @ 10PM. And also if you want to wait there will be a DVD coming out on March 22nd packed with extras.

Afro Samurai – Mini Site


9 Responses to Afro Samurai

  1. 1ndigo says:

    I havent seen a whole Ep. but got a glance at (thats why it was a glance cause the fukn thing froze on me)
    But the series looks interesting. It has a Champloo kinda feel.

    If you havent seen it you should check it on SPIKE.
    Heres the first 5 min of the 1st ep.

  2. T. says:

    its straight up action i mean 56 fights in a row

  3. h says:

    it’s kinda interestin eh

  4. Lamel says:

    ive seen all 5 eps and its boring! (to me..being an Anime-Guru an all) but i would recommend it for a beginner

  5. 1ndigo says:

    look at Lamel showing off… heh

    Yo T., good job on that header mon. Looks nice

  6. T. says:

    Worst final episode. ever.

  7. T. says:

    Ok if you kinda liked this anime Please Check out Samurai Champloo. I Typically don’t like to post old stuff but i think we need a “Flash back Friday” or “Back in the day Tuesday”.

  8. 1ndigo says:

    How about…
    Who gives a fuk-Wednesday!
    I have nothing better to post, so deal with it-Sundays!


    I like sundays personally!

  9. h says:

    hee hee.. lol @ Worst[]Ever!!!!!!!!!!!
    haha nice

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