Mathieu Badimon’s Lab


Ok who doesn’t like Labs? The Schematics, the Crazy Gloves, the excuse to light stuff on fire! You know you love it. Well even though nothing gets lit on fire u gotta check out Mathieu Badimon’s Flash lab. This guy really knows his flash coding and hopefully he puts some of the scripts up to mess around with.



2 Responses to Mathieu Badimon’s Lab

  1. 1ndigo says:

    I love how you can control the perspective with the lil nobs on the edge of the screen. You can change the X, Y & Z axis.

    Very nice

  2. h says:

    haha. so i spent a good while watchin this site … i was lookin for a *boom* or a *poof* didn’t happen … but its kinda pretty to play with for a while. once i figured out how to do it .. hahaa

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