Superbitus money box


Here’s an interesting “piggy bank” from the same guys that created the ever so delayed Optimus-103 Keyboard at Art Lebedev Studios. Its a bomb shaped “money box” that comes with a white permanent marker for you to write what you are saving your cash for and at the end well you drop it and reap your rewards, its a really cool gift idea and definitely something for my Loft.

More Superbitus Money Box info


16 Responses to Superbitus money box

  1. 1ndigo says:

    You and your imaginary loft…
    will you have secret hallways with a lab and schematics and elixers?
    You can hang your DNA 11 and keep your money box there.
    And label the bomb with “Optimus” so you can get your keyboard.
    That would be sweet!!!

  2. h says:

    hahaha! lolz @ T.
    that Loft must b sumthin’ eh!
    .. oh T.

  3. h says:

    maybe u cud get spider-monkeys to guard ure money box while ure at it 😛 that shud keep the germs away

  4. 1ndigo says:

    Ha ha…
    even the word is funny…

    L O F T


  5. h says:

    lol aaahha haha. true. lmao!

  6. T. says:

    A really funny word is SOAP
    say it slowly & I bet you will laugh.

  7. 1ndigo says:

    Fuk soap
    LOFT is better…
    actually, how about PINEAPPLE
    theres a word for ya

  8. T. says:

    LMAO my weakness! I dont even have to say the word all i need to do is look at the fruit and i bust out laughing! WTF!

  9. H says:

    allyuh on crack…. drugs are bad.. dont do Grugz!

  10. Mario says:

    I swear, Teon has to be slighltly obsessive compulsive…. a pineapple? seriously, a pineapple?! lol.

  11. T. says:

    Pinapples are hilarious Mario. they remind me of bert from sesame street and i!

  12. 1ndigo says:

    Whats up with PINEAPPLES?
    Why are people searching for that keyword?
    Am I missing something?

  13. Jewel says:

    I will only come over if it has secret passageways….

  14. T. says:

    I will only come over if it has secret passageways….


  15. esiznaryla says:

    Moore phat black ass from the silence. He could maintain the last.

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