DNA 11


DNA 11 creates unique, personalized art from DNA. Using a simple method of collection, as easy as wiping the inside of your mouth with a swab, the company harvests a sample of your DNA to capture the genetic fingerprint and transform it into an artistic representation of a person’s life code. A DNA Portrait is the ultimate conversation piece in any home, office or gallery. – DNA11

These are pretty stylish, perfect for if you want to throw out your old Leapoard skin rug and go for a more upscale look In your office or home. I definatly want a couple of these for my loft, err…. whenever I get a loft.

DNA11 – Gallery


One Response to DNA 11

  1. h says:

    hmm. this is definitely an interesting spin on things…… i cud c how this type of art cud be very useful in solvin crimes on the spot too.. multi-purpose art ~ very nice.
    it is kinda cute tho….

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