PeekVid gone Beta

PeekVid - Beta

Should be back soon. We’ll let you know.


53 Responses to PeekVid gone Beta

  1. 1ndigo says:

    Now you prolly have to be a member or signup to be able to view the content.
    Thats ok, just hope it stays free.

    We’ll see…

  2. T. says:

    LOL… that lasted 2 days

  3. h says:

    that SUX!!!!! 😦

  4. 1ndigo says:

    i know…
    I was catching up on my Bleach and then … boom … gone.

    but they’ll be back

  5. T. says:

    You can still use YouTube I guess

  6. H says:

    haha.. yes but apparently watchin youtube is not the MANLY thing to do 😛

  7. alfred says:

    i don’t understand. what is beta and where has peekvid gone?

  8. tONY says:

    WELL beta means they’re testing out on some stuff on the website, i think they’re trying to fix the media player problems thats been happening lately… but thats just a guess…

  9. bibek says:

    can we really watch videos in youtube….i miss peekvid…..what really happened can some1 tell me…pls………when is it gonna come back….i don understand anythin…………peekvid in beta????????????????/

  10. tom says:

    omg i want to eatch the next episode of prison break!!!!
    when willthe site be bak online!!

  11. Samm says:

    I got on to peekvid beta last night (10th) Around 9:00pm GMT

  12. Samm says:

    Today it is NOT working: WHY????? Did theyt release beta temporarily, and then take it off, or what??? btw, i watched a film, you don’t have to pay, it looks cool, bit modern + retro at the same time, but NO PAYING YAY!!!

  13. Logan says:

    Why arent any videos working on peekvid now?? I onlygot like 2 things to load out of everything I wanted to watch! I was 2 episodes ahort of completing Ugly Betty and I can’t find episodes 9 and 10 ANYWHERE!!! Please fix it!

  14. 1ndigo says:

    Well, at least last time i checked it looks like its working.
    Theyre still putting it together, but at least we have something to play with…

  15. Samm says:

    It still isn’t working when i type in
    It still asks fo your email to tell you when it returns.

  16. h says:

    when is de last time u checked? cus its def NOT up nor running :S

  17. Chingaling says:

    is there any other place to watch videos?

  18. 1ndigo says:

    well. they are definetly “beta” testing…
    but really testing.
    Its crazy how peeps are going crazy about this site.
    They really have to make it worth the wait and make the final release of peekvid the place to go to view your media.

    And well… to answer your Q of where to watch veeds. Theres too many, but a few are:
    YouTube, iFilm, Google Video, among many, many out there…
    oh, and one of my faves – GUBA.

    Also, you might wanna check all the ones in dlThis drop down menu.

  19. Freddie says:

    Is peekvid working yet, cos when i try and get on the wont let me…So is it back yet so we can watch movies???

  20. Denis says:

    We’re all gonna die, peekvid is our life source. If they pull that then life had no meaning anymore. Please somebody help us!!

  21. max says:

    itll be back by monday

  22. 1ndigo says:

    itll be back by monday

    monday? really?
    How do you know that Max?

  23. T. says:

    Hmm.. Apparently the RIAA is investigating its was said that as soon as they heard about it the went into ‘Beta’ dont quote me on it though.

    Related Article: NBC

  24. 1ndigo says:

    ya… i kinda figured something like this was gonna happen.
    Having all that media for free, you know copyright laws always get you by the ass.

    Lets see what happens now.
    I still wanna know how MAX knows it should be back on Monday.

  25. x says:

    Well, it’s Monday and yeah…it’s back up! Check out your link though, not working.

  26. T. says:

    hmm seems to be working again, new design and all.

  27. Tony S says:

    are any of the tv shows working for you guys ?

    i’m trying to watch house , all it does is open up the window to view the episode and then it just stays on the loading screen.

    is this happening to anyone else ?

  28. T. says:

    Toni S: are any of the tv shows working for you guys ?

    Some are the videos aren’t loading for me, i guess they are still fixing the “beta” bugs.

  29. yo wtf this fucking web site sucks dick im trying to watch a fucking movie but this piece of shit website i cant even watch the other part of this fucking movie u guys suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! u better fix this shit up! bitches

  30. 1ndigo says:

    It is kind frustrating to try to view a veed and have it not work. But keep in mind theyre still in beta… so the testing continues.

  31. jawz says:

    what the hell is wrong with peekvid i cant access it

  32. jawz says:

    peek is fuking shit and iam pissed off

  33. mint man says:

    peekvid wasn’t workin now they fixed it its a bit diffrent but still works
    now it not working agin plz peekvid is mint plzzzzzzzzzz put it back on

  34. mint man says:

    i was about watc a movie this morning (night at the museum) gues wt its bludy not working again 😦

  35. mint man says:

    hey im still kind of k because i got runescape 2 go on its like a game wer u get yr lvls up and buy stoof and the cool hing is u can speak 2 ppl all over the world and yr m8s from school its boring at the begining u can tlk or out beacuse it tutorial iland but after u got yr lvls up its good 🙂

  36. mint man says:

    any 1 got any good ways of making money im lvl 57 but im poor even that i have full rune

  37. pryncess says:

    man, i was going to the second part of Rocky Balboa, and’s down again!! this sux

  38. mint man says:

    i could get on last night (24th) but i couldnt watch a movie so get i fixet
    because i think its mint

  39. dumaurier says:

    if you like peekvid check out

  40. mint man says:

    hey dumaurier how u put a link on

  41. mint man says:

    your all fucking gay
    u dont even answer me belends

  42. Kalos says:

    the movies in that website don’t work…. now i use

  43. james says:

    Movie directories like peekvid are full of dead links. i use to find any, i mean any movies.

  44. mint man says:

    kalos yr site is full of dead links 2u cant watch out it says loding and then i come back 30mins later loding

  45. mint man says:

    jamena try yrs out now

  46. mint man says:

    i swer james andkalos the rboth fin shit i want proper 1ns james u type
    in like epic movie it comes with some fat gril that has her hair stuck

  47. Chelsea says:

    Help what site can i watch movies for free:::::::::: PLEASE HEP

  48. 1ndigo says:

    I saw 23 last nite with no problems on
    Thanx to Kalos for the link

    So try that one see how it works

  49. Chelsea says:

    it doesn’t work do have software to run it

  50. Chelsea says:

    i need help

  51. Chelsea says:

    PPPPPPPPLLLLLLEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSS what sites can i watch movies for free.

  52. 1ndigo says:

    the previous link i was using “” wa taken down.

    Need to find a new reliable source…

  53. Top9 says:

    You can watch online and download a lot of movies, videos free from

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