Heroes Continues Tonight!

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And the story continues tonight at 9/8c! Don’t Miss it!

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23 Responses to Heroes Continues Tonight!

  1. 1ndigo says:

    I forgot about that!!!
    So tonite huh?
    Im there

  2. Lamel says:

    jus finished watching it, it was GODLY!

  3. T. says:

    Yeah that episode was great!

  4. 1ndigo says:

    Was it?
    it was good…
    But… hmmm… dunno.

    im really starting to hate the Patrolli older brother.
    Lets see what happens withthe new invisible guy

  5. Lamel says:


  6. 1ndigo says:

    I totally missed it last nite. Was so tired i passed out 😦
    … i gotta put some time apart and view it online.

  7. Lamel says:

    it was kool, u didnt miss much, but next week LOOKS HAWT!

    P.S. link me up T, havent heard u for awhile

  8. Ryan C. says:

    It was pretty awesome.

  9. T. says:

    Tonight is gonna awesome!

  10. Lamel says:

    OK ITS NOW 11.32PM WHERE IM AT..I MISSED IT!!!, *thank god for torrents*

  11. T. says:

    Wooo heroes tonite!
    i hope this episode is better.

  12. 1ndigo says:

    dood.. Peter is such a wuz.
    His power has so much potential. Just like Siler’s, but I think its better.
    Might be the nature of the power. Good VS Evil
    Those 2 need to Face off

  13. h says:

    mhm.. its gettin potentialy interesting (again).. Sylar jus rediculous tho. i hope he explodes n dies. on the other hand peter is jus a weak individual looking to find himself.. but clearly heze getting better with controlln his powers. nex week they say they gonna give us “answers” tho so hopefully its not a disapointment…..

  14. T. says:

    I think Peter and Sylar are going to face off again there no doubt about that.
    their powers are interesting tho Sylar seems to Take the power out of you and he can only can control it about as much as the previous person (like the super hearing thing). While Peter can turn it on and off or at least he’s learning to. Interesting stuff we’ll see what happens.

  15. Mario says:

    And the Oscar goes to… Sylar for his amazing acting skills. I’ve never seen someone play another so convincingly, Sylar’s deceit is matched by none.

    This last episode was great, the sideplots continue. No doubt Sylar and Peter will bump heads one day, will Peter be able handle and/or control the influx of all of Sylar’s ill gotten powers though? That should be interesting. Its awesome to see Peter learning to activate & control the various powers he’s gotten, Peter is like a power empath. Like Rogue.. without the human contact and nasty side effects (speaking of nasty side effects, Sylar… ew.)

    And where does Linderman come in, anyone who’s anyone with powers has some daisy-chained connection to the mysterious Linderman. Does Linderman have powers too? Is Linderman behind Benett’s mysterious operation? ‘Guess I’ll just wait and see…

  16. T. says:

    That’s right whats up with with that Linderman guy…

  17. Mario says:

    This week’s episode… OMG. WTF.
    Next week’s episode… OMFG. Wha de rassh-le though.

  18. h says:

    hmm tru. this week kinda answered a few questions but ye next week, we meet Linderman so i guess that shud b pretty interesting.
    and clearly more n more ppl are developing powers cus tha girl that got shot las week by issac is clearly Not Dead!!!! omg

  19. T. says:

    Great episode and as usual the next week gets better!

    so many questions like Hiro’s Dad? wtf?

  20. 1ndigo says:

    Dood… that fukn petr is a wuz.
    I know, i know, its just part of the cliff hanger… but c’mon.
    He could kick Syler’s ass!!!

    And I bet you Linderman is Patrelli’s dad.
    Oh!!! And did you see Claire as a burnett on next ep’s preview… NICE!!!

  21. T. says:

    i fell asleep 😦

    and about claire…PeRv.

  22. h says:

    what! heroes was well interesting. hmm. sylar sylar well. heze too invincible at the moment that def cant be gud.but i guess ill be waitin to see how this all unfolds

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