The Burning Crusade is Finally Out!

Burning Crusade

It’s here!! I had to Judo chop my way to the front of the line to get it but I got It! … dont expect any posts from me for about 2 months 😛 ..see you on the other side of the Portal.

World of Warcraft: Burning Crusade Cinematic Trailer


10 Responses to The Burning Crusade is Finally Out!

  1. T. says:

    the day is moving so slowly!

  2. 1ndigo says:

    one word…

    lets play MAGIC

  3. T. says:

    lol, the only way we are playing magic is if i can log onto WoW from you house, or you come over by me…..for about 6 months.. also the mini-C’s got decks even K does LOL.

  4. 1ndigo says:

    so I guess the game is on this Thursday huh!!!

    I going down buddy!

  5. T. says:

    remind me to bring my G and my Deck.. lol

  6. ~H~ says:

    after a few full throtles n prolly a rockstar… T is prolly still up playin WoW…… haha frikkin amazin’

  7. T. says:

    woot! played till 3:30! great game!

  8. T. says:

    WTF! someone is lvl 70 already!

  9. T. says:

    err… ok Blizzard sucks… they have been having some server troubles before this expansion and now they know 8 million people play and maybe even more for the Xpac and they still havent done anything about the server! I cant even log onto play! *shivers* Bastards!

  10. Lamel says:

    *shakes head* tsk tsk tsk

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